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EuroMillions Special Raffle and Lotto Double Prize Event Scheduled

EuroMillions Special Raffle and Lotto Double Prize Event Scheduled
Updated: Friday 15th November 2019

National Lottery players can look forward to a couple of special draws this summer, with EuroMillions set to make 20 new millionaires on Friday 19th July and a Lotto Double Prize Event scheduled for Saturday 24th August.

Special Lotto Event

The National Lottery has revealed that in the Lotto Double Prize Event, all prizes from the Match 3 to the Match 5 plus Bonus categories will be doubled. The prizes will be topped up using a special £28 million prize fund; if this is not enough to pay out all the prizes, they will be capped at a lower value. This is unlikely to happen, though. In the Lotto draw on Saturday 10th August, in which there were an exceptional number of winners, the prize fund for these categories amounted to £13 million.

The table below shows what these prizes are worth in a regular Lotto draw, and what you can win in the special Double Prize Event on 24th August:

Category Prize In Standard Draw Prize In Double Prize Event
Match 5 plus Bonus £1,000,000 £2,000,000
Match 5 £1,750 £3,500
Match 4 £140 £280
Match 3 £30 £60

The prizes in the Match 2 (free Lucky Dip) category and Match 6 (jackpot) category will not change for the Double Prize Event, although Camelot has stated that if there are multiple jackpot winners, they are also guaranteed to receive at least £2 million, so they won't receive less than winners in the Match 5 plus Bonus category. 

Special promotional draws are held now and again to fuel excitement and offer even more opportunities to win great prizes. A Lotto event on Saturday 4th May included a ‘Match 3 to win £100’ prize tier, while a £15 million ‘Must Be Won Superdraw’ took place on Saturday 22nd December last year to celebrate Christmas.

Must Be Won’ draws have become a regular feature of Lotto since a number of changes were made to the game last November, ensuring that the jackpot has to be given away in the next draw after five consecutive rollovers. The jackpot money rolls down to be split between the winners of all other cash prizes if there are no tickets that match all six main numbers.

The National Lottery has held other special draws to tie in with events such as the Olympics or the festive period, or just dates such as Friday the 13th. More information will be released about the big Lotto event in August nearer the time.

National Lottery Cinema Day

The Double Prize Event will also be linked to this year’s National Lottery Cinema Day on Sunday 25th August. As long as you have bought a ticket for the Double Prize Event draw, you will be able to present that Lotto entry at selected cinemas and watch a film for free.

The National Lottery is a major supporter of British cinema and has funded hundreds of films, including Oscar winners such as The King’s Speech. More than 4,500 places at the British Film Institute’s Academy have also been funded thanks to the National Lottery. The National Lottery’s Cinema Day is a way for the lottery and the British Film Institute to thank players for the help they are providing every time they buy a ticket.

Special EuroMillions Millionaire Maker Draw

Before the Lotto Double Prize Event in August, you could become a EuroMillions millionaire on Friday 19th July, with a special raffle set to take place.

The Millionaire Maker usually guarantees that one UK player will win £1 million, but for this big event there will be 20 prizes up for grabs instead. You don’t have to do anything different to take part; just purchase a ticket the same as normal and you will automatically be given a unique Millionaire Maker code. If you match one of the winning codes, you will win £1 million.

The odds of winning £1 million depend on how many tickets are sold, but your chances will be 20 times better than normal on 19th July as there will be 20 winners. You can also win a prize on the main game on the same night as you win on Millionaire Maker. Use the EuroMillions Checker to see if you are a winner.

You can see the lottery results from every National Lottery game straight after the draws have taken place, and think about what you would do if you won one of this summer’s special events. Take part online or buy tickets from any authorised retailer.

Published: Monday 1st July 2019

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