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All or Nothing

All or Nothing is a Health Lottery game with draws every Tuesday and Friday night. The jackpot is worth £25,000, and you can win it by matching all of the numbers that are drawn, or none of them.

As with all Health Lottery games, a portion of the money raised from ticket sales goes to charities that help to tackle health inequality in Great Britain. Find out more about the game below, and select a link to learn more.


See the latest All or Nothing draws as soon as they are available after every draw to find out if you have won. You’ll find the winning numbers shortly after 7pm.

How to Play

You just have to select 12 numbers from 1 to 24 to play All or Nothing. Find a step-by-step guide of everything you need to do to enter numbers into a draw.

Odds of Winning

All or Nothing gives you 10 different ways to win a prize, with the overall odds of winning 1 in 4.5. Discover all the different prizes you can win.


All the most frequently asked questions about All or Nothing are answered on this page, so you can find out about various topics relating to the game.


Compare your All or Nothing numbers to the latest results to see if you are due a prize. Remember, you can win in this game by matching lots of numbers, or just a few.

Number Generator

Use the Generator to get random sets of numbers that you may wish to play in the next draw. If you think most of the numbers generated won’t appear, you might want to play them too.


The All or Nothing statistics are updated after every draw. Dive into the data to explore the most frequent, and least frequent, numbers.