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Registration Benefits

  • Win up to £10,000 in the free Weekly draw

    Free Lottery is just that - a free lottery! Sign up to play and you'll pay absolutely nothing for the opportunity to win £500 in the Daily Draw and £10,000 in the Weekly Draw.

    Free Lottery on a computer
  • Get statistics to help you choose your numbers

    Registered users can see in-depth statistics on how often each ball has been drawn, which numbers are most overdue, which most often arrive in pairs and so much more. This information could be invaluable in choosing that perfect line that could win you the jackpot.

    Pro Stats Chart
  • Have your tickets checked for you

    Lottery players can also take advantage of the useful number checker which allows you to save multiple tickets and will tell you in an instant if you are a winner.

  • Check how much your numbers have won since the lottery started

    Want to see how much your numbers have won in the history of the lottery? By registering you can check to see how much a set of numbers have won in all draws since the lottery first started.

    Save Numbers
Best of all it's completely FREE to join Register