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Saturday 24th March 2018
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How to Claim UK Lottery Prizes

Winning a lottery prize is a great feeling, no matter the amount. The claims procedure varies depending on whether your ticket was purchased online or from an authorised retailer, but here's how to claim your prize as quickly as possible:

I bought my Lotto/EuroMillions ticket online

You'll receive an email informing you that you've won a prize, so simply log into your National Lottery account to find out how much it's worth.

If you pay by Direct Debit, then prizes of up to 50,000 will be paid straight into the bank or building society account from which the payment is taken. Prizes worth more than 50,000 need to be claimed by calling 0333 234 44 33 in order to arrange collection in person.

For non-Direct Debit online payments, prizes up to 500 are paid into your National Lottery account. If you've won between 500 and 30,000 then it will be put into your bank via the debit card that is associated with your account, but you will need to confirm the details by replying to the prize notification message that you will have been sent.

Any prize worth over 30,000 can be claimed by calling the National Lottery on 0333 234 44 33. They will send you a cheque for prizes between 30,000 and 50,000, but if you win anything larger than that, you'll have to claim it in person either at home or at an agreed location.

I bought my Lotto/EuroMillions ticket in person

An authorised retailer can pay out prizes under 100 and many will pay out up to 500, but they're not obligated to do so. Otherwise, prizes of up to 500 can be obtained from designated Post Offices, National Lottery regional centres or by post. These are also the correct channels for claiming a prize worth between 500 and 50,000.

Anything over 50,000 must be claimed in person and you can arrange that by ringing the National Lottery on 0333 234 50 50.

I bought my Health Lottery ticket online

Amounts up to 10,000 will be paid directly into your Health Lottery account whether you play via Direct Debit or not. For prizes above that amount, you will need to ring the Health Lottery Helpline on 0844 375 55 55, where advisors will guide you through the process of getting hold of your money.

I bought my Health Lottery ticket in person

Prizes up to 50 can be claimed from a Health Lottery retailer, while anyone who wins up to 250 can redeem their winnings from a designated Post Office. If you win more than that, you will need to call the Health Lottery on 0844 375 55 55 to collect your prize.

I played the Postcode Lottery

Winning customers who buy tickets via Direct Debit will have their prize paid into their bank account within 28 days, regardless of whether they signed up with a debit card, credit card or PayPal. If your bank account hasn't been registered, then you'll need to ring the People's Postcode Lottery on 0808 1098765 in order to arrange to receive your winnings.