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Monday 26th September 2016
EuroMillions September Changes

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Special Event Draws

Lottery games often offer special draws that feature bumped-up jackpots, additional cash prizes or even non-cash prizes. Here's a look at the special event draws offered by some of the big UK lotteries:


The draw on Saturday 10th October saw 25 Lotto Millionaire Raffle prizes of 1 million handed out on the night to celebrate the changes made to Lotto. This was the largest number of millionaires Lotto has made in a single draw.

The price of a line in Lotto was increased to £2 when the game was refreshed in October 2013 and, to celebrate the revamped game, the first two Saturday draws on the 5th and the 12th each offered a guaranteed £10 million jackpot.

There was also a guaranteed jackpot of £10 million to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee in June 2002. To find out more about previous changes to Lotto visit the Lotto history page.

Lotto Raffle

Lotto Raffle offers a fixed set of 20 20,000 prizes and one 1 million prize for each Lotto draw and special occasions are often used as a reason to offer more prizes. On Saturday 10th October 2015, Lotto Millionaire Raffle offered 25 separate prizes, each worth 1 million, to celebrate the changes made to the popular supplementary game. Players who matched the winning codes on the night were part of a record-breaking evening as Lotto created more millionaires in one night than ever before.

On Christmas Day 2013, 500 Lotto Raffle winners were created as a festive treat. The event was repeated on Christmas Eve 2014 when 500 Lotto Raffle prizes of 20,000 each were offered to players.

In November 2014 there was a special Lotto Raffle draw to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lotto, featuring 20 prizes of 1 million alongside the usual 50 20,000 awards.


EuroMillions Superdraws tend to take place a few times a year, but they usually offer a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million (£71 million). The jackpot will roll over until it reaches the cap of €190 million (approximately £137 million) if it is not won. The Superdraw on 6th June 2014 was the first to be superseded by the jackpot, which naturally reached more than €100 million before the date on which the Superdraw was set to take place.

To find out more information about previous and upcoming draws visit the EuroMillions Superdraw page.

An Event Draw is called to celebrate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or change to the game. They feature a guaranteed jackpot of anything from €80 million to €100 million which, if it is not won on the night, rolls down to be distributed between the ticket holders in the next winning prize tier.

UK Millionaire Maker

The UK Millionaire Maker prize is usually won by one UK player who matches the unique code on their ticket with the winning code revealed in the draw, netting the lucky winner £1 million. There are a number of occasions when the Millionaire Maker will host special draws:

Mega Friday is the name given to the last Friday EuroMillions draw of every month when Millionaire Maker will give away a number of £1 million awards in addition to some very exciting non-cash prizes. The first Mega Friday draw on 31st October 2014 saw 25 ticket holders win a luxury holiday to the beautiful Makepeace Island in Australia.

Millionaires Month happened in the lead up to Christmas 2011, creating 50 brand new millionaires over nine draws.

Often there will be a version of the Millionaire Maker called 100 Millionaires to celebrate special occasions which, unsurprisingly, draws out 100 winners. This happened in July 2012 to coincide with the London Olympics opening ceremony.

£1 Million Every Month for a Year intended to pay one lucky Millionaire Maker ticket holder £12 million over 12 monthly instalments. It was held on Friday 31st May 2013, but the winning ticket holder failed to claim their prize within 180 days, meaning that it was distributed to good causes. Had they bought their EuroMillions ticket online, they wouldn't have missed out on this life changing prize!

Christmas Millionaire Maker tends to give away multiple prizes over the festive period. In 2012, Christmas Day and New Year's Day fell on Tuesdays, so the EuroMillions draws for those days featured 25 £1 million Millionaire Raffle (the original name for Millionaire Maker) prizes rather than the usual one.

Health Lottery

Second Chance Guaranteed Winner ran until the end of 2011 and meant that, if no one matched the winning numbers, one ticket's reference number was picked at random and that player would win the main prize.

Postcode Lottery

The Christmas Million draw offered an additional chance for players to win prizes over the festive period, with one postcode winning over £1 million to share between ticket holders. Regular People's Postcode Lottery players were automatically eligible for participation in the special draw.