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Special Draws

From time to time, lotteries in the UK hold special draws hat feature bumped-up jackpots, additional cash prizes or even non-cash prizes. Here you can learn about the recurring special draws like Superdraws and European Millionaire Maker. Plus learn more about event draws that have made big winners in the past!

EuroMillions Superdraws

Several times a year EuroMillions offers a guaranteed nine-figure jackpot - regardless of how big the jackpot was in the previous draw! Find about when the next draw is scheduled.

Must Be Won

When Lotto or EuroMillions reach their jackpot limit then a must be won draw is scheduled. This means if nobody matches all of the numbers the win the top prize then it is distributed amongst winners from lower prize tiers. So you could see yourself winning up to £100 for matching just three numbers!

European Millionaire Maker

This exciting raffle sees £1 million prizes awarded across all participating EuroMillions countries! In the first ever edition, 25 millionaires were made in one night.

When these draws are scheduled depends on other events in the games. For example, a must be won draw can only occur if the jackpot reaches a certain level and a Superdraw will be held when there is enough money in the Reserve Fund.

Event Draws

Other special draws are sometimes scheduled to coincide with a special event, like the Olympics or the festive period. Some examples of past event draws are listed below: