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European Millionaire Maker

European Millionaire Maker was introduced as part of the changes to EuroMillions in September 2016. The exciting raffle is played across all nine participating countries and takes place alongside the main draw on occasions.

Multiple £/€1 million prizes are guaranteed to be won each time the raffle is held. In the first couple of draws, 25 millionaires were made across the continent. Recent draws have seen 100 prizes given away.

Latest Results

The European Millionaire Maker results for the most recent draws are available below, just select a date for a full list of the winning codes:

Draw Date Details
Friday 3rd February 2023 100 Codes Drawn
Friday 21st January 2022 100 Codes Drawn
Friday 23rd February 2018 25 Codes Drawn
Friday 28th October 2016 25 Codes Drawn

How it Works

The game works in just the same way as UK Millionaire Maker. Players receive one unique, randomly-generated code, consisting of four letters and five numbers, for each line of EuroMillions numbers that they play.

The winning codes are then selected at random, with each code chosen winning £1 million. For UK players, their European Millionaire Maker code is the same as the combination entered into the UK Millionaire Maker draw. This means that a single code could actually win you £2 million were it lucky enough to be selected in both draws!

The first letter of each code corresponds to the country where the EuroMillions ticket was purchased:

Country First Letter of Raffle Code
Austria A, N, O or W
Belgium B
France F
Ireland I
Luxembourg L
Portugal P
Spain E
Switzerland R or S
United Kingdom H, J, M, T, V, X or Z

In most EuroMillions countries, the Millionaire Maker prize is €1 million. Swiss players receive an amount of equivalent value in Swiss Francs (CHF), based on the exchange rate at the time. For example, on 23rd February 2018, a prize was worth CHF 1,150,960 to a Swiss winner.

In the UK, Allwyn ensures that winners of the Millionaire Maker receive £1 million. Winners are therefore likely to receive a larger payout compared to their European counterparts, as £1 million is worth more than €1 million.

When paying UK players, the exchange rate on the day of the draw is taken into account and the difference is made up by Allwyn to pay the full prize. For example, if €1 million is worth £875,000, Allwyn adds £125,000 to take it up to £1 million.

Winners by Country

Where have the most winners been made so far? The table below will be updated after each draw to show where all of the winning tickets were bought.

Country Number of Winners
Austria 7
Belgium 22
France 65
Ireland 7
Luxembourg 3
Portugal 26
Spain 46
Switzerland 12
United Kingdom 62
Total 250

Each Millionaire Maker code has an identical chance of winning, regardless of where the ticket was sold. The countries with larger populations tend to have the most success as they are responsible for a higher proportion of the entries, although Luxembourg provided three of the 25 winners in the first draw in 2016.