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Lotto Announces "Match 3 to Win £100" Promotion for May Bank Holiday Draw

Lotto Announces "Match 3 to Win £100" Promotion for May Bank Holiday Draw
Updated: Thursday 18th April 2019

The National Lottery has announced a special promotional prize, to coincide with the May Bank Holiday weekend. The Lotto draw on the 4th May will include a “Match 3 to Win £100” prize tier, temporarily replacing the current £30 prize for matching three main numbers.

The “Match 3 to Win £100” promotion was announced early morning on Thursday 18th April, with Lotto play areas in retailers across the country updated to advertise the offering. The National Lottery has stated that a £17 million Promotional Prize Fund is being added to the prize pool for matching three numbers, in order to increase the current £30 prize to £100 for the Lotto draw event. The offer will run for the Saturday 4th May Lotto draw only.

£17 Million Boost

The £17 million boost to the Match 3 prize tier is predicted to be more than adequate to cater for the new £100 prize - but in the unlikely event that it isn’t, the National Lottery has advised that prizes may be altered accordingly.

In the special case that more people win the Match 3 prize than the Promotional Prize Fund can accommodate, the original £30 prize will be paid out to winners, plus the remaining prize fund divided by the number of winners.

You can buy tickets for the 4th May Lotto draw from any authorised lottery retailers, or online, between now and the date of the draw. The overall odds of winning a Lotto prize remain the same at 1 in 9.3; the other available prizes will also remain the same for the 4th May event.

National Lottery Special Draws

The May Bank Holiday event is the latest in a series of special draws and events for the National Lottery. In March this year, a special Millionaire Maker draw increased the number of codes drawn from one to 40, guaranteeing 40 EuroMillions millionaires in the process.

Speaking in November 2018, a spokesperson for the National Lottery announced the increase in offers: "We’ll be running more special draws in which we will be making lots of guaranteed UK millionaires.” The move was stated to “raise even more money for the heritage, sports, arts, and health, education, environment and charitable causes”, and came alongside changes made to the Lotto rules which made room for even more special events.

In November 2018, Lotto’s jackpot cap was scrapped in favour of a new mechanic called “Must Be Won”. Any Lotto jackpot not won after five consecutive rollovers is spread out over the lower prize tiers, potentially increasing some available prizes by several times their original value. To celebrate this rule change, a Must Be Won Superdraw was held on December 22nd - in time for Christmas, and the 2,400th ever Lotto draw. The prize fund was boosted to £15 million, which was won by two lucky ticket holders.

To learn more about Lotto, take a look at this How to Play guide; if you want to participate in future draws, choose your numbers online.

Published: Thursday 18th April 2019

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