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Monday 20th November 2017
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Lotto Millionaire Raffle

Lotto Raffle

Lotto Millionaire Raffle is a supplementary game to Lotto and guarantees one £1 million prize and 20 prizes of £20,000 in every draw. It replaced Lotto Raffle in October 2015, when it was introduced alongside a number of other changes to Lotto.

Entry to Lotto Millionaire Raffle is included in the price of a Lotto ticket and a randomly-generated code is included for each line of numbers purchased for the main game. It gives players another chance to become a millionaire even if their main Lotto numbers donít win a prize. The most recent results for the game can be found on the Lotto Millionaire Raffle Results page.

Latest Lotto Millionaire Raffle Result

Draw Date Millionaire Raffle Numbers Drawn
November 18th 2017
21 Lotto Millionaire Raffle Numbers

Play Lotto Millionaire Raffle

In order to win £1 million, you must match the code on your ticket to the one drawn for the top-tier Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize. A further 20 codes are then drawn to find 20 winners of £20,000. Each raffle code consists of a four-digit colour (such as "GOLD" or "GREY") and an eight-digit number, such as "1234 5678".

In total there are 12 raffle colours used in Lotto:


As raffle codes all have an equal chance of winning irrelevant of the colour or eight-digit number, it is possible that not all colours are drawn in a result.

There is one prize worth £1 million and 20 prizes of £20,000 awarded in each standard Lotto draw. Occasionally, there will be more prizes created to commemorate special events, including the 25 £1 million awards given away on Saturday 10th October 2015 to coincide with the launch of Lotto Millionaire Raffle.

Millionaire Raffle Odds

Draw Day Odds of Winning
Wednesday Lotto Draw 1 in 338,000 (based on estimated 7.1 million Lotto tickets sold)
Saturday Lotto Draw 1 in 686,000 (based on estimated 14.4 million Lotto tickets sold)

Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve 2016 Draws

For Christmas 2016, The National Lottery unveiled an exciting addition to its bi-weekly Lotto Millionaire Raffle draws, promising to make 300 players £20,000 richer across Christmas Eve and New Yearís Eve.

Ordinarily, every Lotto player is automatically entered into the Lotto Millionaire Raffle, a supplementary game that guarantees 20 winners of £20,000 and one winner of £1 million. For the 2016 festive season, however, an additional 300 prizes of £20,000 were added to the pot, with 200 put up for grabs in the Saturday 24th December Lotto draw, and 100 more made available in the New Yearís Eve draw.