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Lotto Tickets

You could be just six numbers away from becoming a millionaire if you play Lotto. Whether you prefer the convenience of buying Lotto tickets online or purchase tickets from a local authorised retailer, the aim is the same: to match the six winning balls and get your hands on that jackpot.

For help creating the perfect set of numbers to play, the Lotto Number Generator will dispense a truly random selection. This is a useful tool if you donít want to play the same numbers every week.

Buying your Lotto ticket online keeps it safe and is the recommended way to play Lotto. Since the details of your ticket are stored securely online, it canít be lost, stolen or damaged. If you are due a prize, you will be notified via email. Whether you buy your ticket online or from an authorised retailer, donít forget to use the Lotto Checker after the draw to see if you are a winner!