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EuroMillions Superdraws

EuroMillions Superdraws are special events which take place throughout the year and offer a guaranteed nine-figure reward. The most recent one took place on Friday 7th June 2019. The same rules and regulations apply as in regular draws; the only difference is that the jackpot amount does not depend on the previous draw result or ticket sales.

When is the next Superdraw?

The next EuroMillions Superdraw that was set to take place on Friday 4th October 2019, will now be rescheduled for a future date. This is due to the current EuroMillions jackpot reaching its cap at £169 million (€190 million). Check back here for more details on the next Superdraw once the information is available.

How Do They Work?

These exciting draws are planned once there is enough money in the EuroMillions Reserve Fund, a fund which receives 4.8% of the Common Prize Fund from the first six draws in a rollover series and 21% in every draw after that until the jackpot is won.

If a Superdraw is not won on the night, the top prize will continue to roll over until someone matches all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars or until it reaches the jackpot cap of €190 million (sterling value will vary based on current exchange rates).

Previous Results & Winners

Here are details of all of the Superdraws since they were introduced in February 2007. All prize amounts were set according to the exchange rate at that time:

Date Winner Information
7th June No winner; the Superdraw jackpot was worth €130 million (£115 million) before it rolled over to £123 million for the following draw, when it was won by a single ticket holder from the UK.
1st February No winner; the jackpot started at €120 million (£105 million) and rolled over five times to reach €175 million (£152 million). It was then won by one ticket holder in Ireland in the draw on Tuesday 19th February.
21st September No winner; the jackpot started at €130 million (£115 million) and rolled over three times. A single ticket holder from Switzerland landed the entire jackpot on Tuesday 2nd October, winning CHF183 million (£144 million) before tax.
20th April No winner; the jackpot was €130 million (£114 million), however, nobody was lucky enough to win on the night. A UK player then won the £121,328,187 (€138,724,202) rollover in the following draw.
15th September No winner; a prize of €130 million (£114.5 million) was available, however, a winner could not be found. Following a series of rollovers, the jackpot reached its cap before a Spanish player from Gran Canaria won the full €190 million (£170 million).
30th June A lucky UK player won €100 million (£87.5 million) in June’s Mega Week, two players also won £1 million each thanks to the UK Millionaire Maker draw.
30th September A huge prize of €130 million (£112 million at the time) was made available. The special draw was announced as part of the changes to EuroMillions that took effect earlier that month. There was no winner, and the jackpot rolled three times before a Belgian player won £153.3 million on Tuesday 11th October.
6th November No winner; the €100 million prize rolled over until the 20th November 2015 draw, when a ticket holder in Portugal scooped the €163.5 million (£114.8 million) top prize.
5th June No winner; the jackpot rolled over to the following Friday draw at a value of £93.3 million and was won by an anonymous UK ticket holder.
6th March The €100 million (£72.1 million) tier one prize was won on the night by a player from Portugal.
3rd October No winner; the jackpot rolled to the cap of €190 million (£149.7 million) before being won by a Portuguese ticket holder on Friday 24th October 2014.
6th June No winner - this was the first EuroMillions Superdraw that was superseded by the jackpot naturally rolling above €100 million before it was due to take place. It continued to roll over and reached €137.3 million (£109.5 million), which was won by a ticket holder in Spain on Friday 13th June 2014.
7th March No winner; the prize money rolled over twice and was won in the UK by Neil Trotter on Friday 14th March 2014 at €129.3 million (£107.9 million)
15th November One Spanish ticket holder won €100 million (£83.8 million)
7th June No winner; the top prize rolled five times and was finally won by two ticket holders on 25th June 2013. One Belgian winner and one Irish winner split €187.9 million (£159.5 million).
22nd March No winner; €132.4 million (£112 million) was won a week later by a French ticket holder.
28th September One Spanish ticket holder won €100 million (£79.7 million).
4th October No winner; the following draw’s jackpot was €117.7 million (£101.2 million) and was won by a UK ticket holder.
10th May No winner; the reward for the next draw reached €121 million (£105.8 million) and was won by a Spanish ticket holder.
1st October No winner; the following draw’s jackpot reached €129.8 million (£113 million) on Friday 8th October and was won by a UK ticket holder.
5th February No winner; €129.6 million (£ 112 million) was the rollover amount in the next draw and was shared by two ticket holders - one Spanish winner and one UK winner.
18th September One French ticket holder won €100 million (£90.7 million).
6th March Two ticket holders, one from Austria and one from France, shared €100 million (£90.1 million).
9th February One Belgian ticket holder won €100 million (£66.9 million).