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Second EuroMillions Superdraw for 2022 Announced

Second EuroMillions Superdraw for 2022 Announced
Updated: Monday 28th March 2022

The date of the next EuroMillions Superdraw has been revealed, with the jackpot again set to be bumped up to a gigantic €130 million (approximately £109 million).

When is the next Superdraw?

The Superdraw will take place on Friday 29th April. It will be the second event of its kind this year, following on from the one on Friday 4th February.

On that occasion, a single player matched all the numbers to pocket the whole jackpot for themselves. The winning ticket was sold in the UK, and the lucky participant came forward just a few days later to claim the £109 million reward.

No more information was ever revealed about the winner after they decided to stay anonymous, but the big pay day did propel them into the list of the top 10 UK winners of all time.

How big could the jackpot go?

If there is no winner on the night this time, the jackpot will roll over to the next draw and keep growing until it is won or until it reaches its cap.

The jackpot limit currently stands at €230 million (approximately £192 million). The jackpot is always set in Euros because that is the currency of seven of the nine participating EuroMillions countries. If a UK player wins, the Euro amount is converted to pounds based on the exchange rate on the day of the draw.

When the jackpot is high it only usually takes a few draws to jump up from €130 million to beyond €200 million, so it is possible that a record amount could be offered sometime in May.

The jackpot cap increases by €10 million after someone has won the maximum amount.

How are Superdraws paid for?

The Reserve Fund is used to pay for Superdraws. The Reserve Fund receives at least 10 percent of the prize money from every EuroMillions draw (going up to 18 percent after five rollovers).

It is necessary to hold some prize money in reserve to always ensure that the minimum jackpot of €17 million can be offered even if ticket sales are low for a starting draw. When the Reserve Fund builds up, special promotions such as Superdraws can be scheduled.

A European Millionaire Maker was also arranged in January, using money from the Reserve Fund. This guaranteed that there would be 100 new millionaires across Europe. It turned out that 24 of them came from the UK.

To give yourself a chance of becoming a millionaire, or perhaps even winning the EuroMillions jackpot, don’t forget to take part in draws every Tuesday and Friday night. 

Published: Monday 28th March 2022

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