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Will The Next EuroMillions Superdraw Lead To Another UK Record?

Will The Next EuroMillions Superdraw Lead To Another UK Record?

After two UK records in the last few months, another gigantic EuroMillions jackpot will soon be up for grabs when the next Superdraw takes place. Here’s everything you need to know about the big event.

When is the next Superdraw?

The next Superdraw, or Super Jackpot event, will take place on Friday 9th September. It will be the third draw of its kind to be held this year.

What will the jackpot be?

In keeping with recent history, the jackpot for the Superdraw will be €130 million. The exact value in pounds sterling will only be determined on the day of the draw based on the current exchange rate, but it will be worth approximately £108 million.

How are Superdraws paid for?

Whereas regular draws are funded by the revenue generated from EuroMillions ticket sales across the nine participating countries, Superdraws work a bit differently. They tap into the Reserve Fund to offer a guaranteed jackpot, so it does not matter if the top prize has only just been won. A small percentage of the prize fund goes to the Reserve Fund in every draw so that promotions can be staged from time to time.

Does the jackpot have to be won?

No. A EuroMillions Superdraw can roll over just like a regular draw. The top prize can keep going all the way until it reaches its maximum amount.

What is the maximum jackpot?

The jackpot cap is currently €240 million (around £202 million). It was raised to this amount after the cap was last hit, which only happened in July.

Could the UK record be broken?

It’s already happened twice this year, so the jackpot could go on to set another UK record. Joe and Jess Thwaite, from Gloucester, won £184 million in May, before a £195 million payout in July when the jackpot was at its €230 million limit.

The winner quickly staked their claim and no more details have since been revealed. It ranks as the biggest EuroMillions win of all time at present.

How can I take part in the Superdraw?

Playing the Superdraw is no different to any regular draw. You can take part online or by going to an authorised lottery retailer. Pick five main numbers from 1 to 50, plus two Lucky Stars from 1 to 12. If you can’t think of which numbers to play, you could generate a random set.

Keep an eye out for the latest EuroMillions Results every Tuesday and Friday in the run-up to the Superdraw, then see the winning numbers as soon as they are available on the night.

Published: Friday 5th August 2022

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