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National Lottery Cinema Day 2019 Set for 25th August

National Lottery Cinema Day 2019 Set for 25th August
Updated: Friday 19th July 2019

The National Lottery Cinema Day has been officially announced, and is set to return on Sunday, 25th August 2019. Over 500,000 free tickets will be up for grabs to lottery players across the UK, after a successful trial in 2018.

Lottery players who participate in the 24th August Lotto Double Prize Draw will be eligible to receive free cinema tickets for showings on the 25th August, with each line purchased equating to a free ticket.

The special event will see more than 250 cinemas participate, as a newly-announced partnership with Odeon cinemas was revealed on Tuesday 16th July. The multiplex chain will join a host of independent picture houses and cinema chains, nearly doubling the number of participating cinemas since last year’s Cinema Day.

The tickets can only be claimed between the 21st and 24th August by people over the age of 16, with the claim process differing slightly depending on the cinema of your choice. Tickets to Odeon cinema showings can only be redeemed on the official National Cinema Day website, where you can reserve tickets to the venue and showing of your choice through the creation of an online account. Independent venues require you to make a seat reservation in advance, and present your ticket at the box office.

The Double Prize Draw will take place on Saturday, 24th August. The details of the prize structure for the draw have not yet been released, but thousands of players are expected to have the chance to double their winnings, whether a Match 3 prize or potentially a jackpot. 

National Lottery Special Events

The Double Prize Draw and National Lottery Cinema Day are the latest in a series of special events announced and organised by the National Lottery. In March, a special “Match 3 to Win £100” draw was held, with over 97,000 players winning the inflated Match 3 prize. Also, on Friday 19th July 20 millionaires 20 Millionaire Maker raffle prizes will be available to win during the EuroMillions draw, guaranteeing 20 UK millionaires. 

The Lottery Cinema Day has been described as a “thank you” to lottery players across the UK, who have funded award-winning British cinema through their purchase of lottery tickets. The other special events held throughout the year are linked to various milestones reached by the National Lottery in 2019, from the announcement that ticket sales have raised over £40 billion for good causes to the National Lottery’s 25th anniversary. 

Published: Tuesday 16th July 2019

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