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Lotto Releases "Match 3 to Win £60" Promotion for Saturday’s Draw

Lotto Releases "Match 3 to Win £60" Promotion for Saturday’s Draw
Updated: Thursday 3rd August 2023

The National Lottery will run a one-off special promotion for Saturday’s draw on 5th August 2023. The Match 3 Boost Event will increase the cash prize from £30 to £60 for players who match three main numbers.

So what happens when an event like this takes place and does anything change? Not really—the other prize tiers, including the jackpot, remain the same. The price for a single entry will still be £2, and the odds of matching three main numbers will stay 1 in 96.2.

The Lotto draw will carry on as usual, the only difference being the chance to win more substantial prizes for the lucky winners. To top up each winning Lotto entry, the lottery will use the £13 million Promotion Prize Fund. 

In the unlikely event that the £13 million prize won’t be enough to cover all the Match 3 winners, the promotion prize will be capped and will be less than £60. How will the prize be calculated? First of all, each winning entry will get the usual £30 it would get as if there was no promotion going in. Then, the £13 million Promotion Prize Fund will be divided by the number of Match 3 winners. Finally, the amount calculated from the Promotion Prize Fund will be added to the £30 prize.

Special Draws for Lotto Fans

The National Lottery likes to surprise its fans a few times a year by offering special promotions or prizes. Just over a month ago, a Must Be Won draw with a £20 million jackpot was released. On Saturday 6th May, another Must Be Won draw was held to celebrate The King’s coronation.

The Must Be Won draws started happening in November 2018. When the jackpot rolls over five consecutive times, the top prize is distributed amongst winners from the lower prize tiers if no tickets match all six numbers.

Since these special draws don’t happen very often, make the most of this prize boost and enter Saturday's Lotto draw for a chance to win more than expected. Don’t forget to check your tickets after the draw has taken place!

Published: Thursday 3rd August 2023

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