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Lotto Jackpot of £20 Million Must Be Won on Saturday 1st July

Lotto Jackpot of £20 Million Must Be Won on Saturday 1st July
Updated: Friday 21st July 2023

No summer holiday plans yet? With a Must Be Won draw happening on Saturday 1st July, that might change if you’ll be the next lucky winner. The Lotto jackpot is worth £20 million and it’s guaranteed to be won, even if no one matches all six winning numbers.

This kind of special draw usually takes place when the Lotto jackpot has not been won for five consecutive draws. Therefore, the jackpot prize money will have to be won in the sixth draw.

If one or more players match all six numbers, they will win the jackpot in the same way as a standard draw.

The best thing about a Must Be Won draw? Even if no one matches the winning six numbers, the jackpot prize money can still be claimed. When this happens, it means that all the other players who match at least two numbers will share the prize. This is called a rolldown and, depending on how many numbers a winner matches, the prize will be split according to certain percentages.

Even if you match only two numbers, you would still get £5 on top of your Lucky Dip. If you want to see the percentages of the jackpot for each tier, please check out the rolldown prizes.

Don’t Miss Your Chance

Although the five-rollover limit was introduced back in November 2018 to ensure that the jackpot is won more often, the rolldown still only happens a few times a year.

The best way to keep an eye on the number of draws that have passed without a winner is by viewing the Past Lotto Results page.

But 2023 has proved to be a lucky year with two £20 million jackpots that have been won through Must Be Won rolldowns. The first one happened on Saturday 8th April and the second one was won just last month on Saturday 6th May.

There’s no difference between a regular draw and a Must Be Won draw when it comes to odds of winning, however there’s a better chance of winning a larger prize if you choose to enter the latter.

If you can’t wait till next month, there’s another Must Be Won draw happening tomorrow, on Wednesday 21st June. The jackpot for this draw is £12.6 million and it could be a rolldown.

Get more entries at an affordable cost by joining a syndicate! Whether you want to team up with friends, neighbours, colleagues, or even an online syndicate, the choice is yours. Just don’t forget to check the Lotto Results after a draw to see if you’re one of the lucky winners.


Published: Tuesday 20th June 2023

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