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Lotto To Crown Big Winners in Special Draw on 6th May

Lotto To Crown Big Winners in Special Draw on 6th May
Updated: Tuesday 25th April 2023

To celebrate The King’s coronation on Saturday 6th May, a special £20 million Lotto Must Be Won draw will take place on the same day.

Must Be Won draws are usually only held when the jackpot has rolled over five times in a row, and it has reached around £11 million or £12 million by the time it has to be paid out.

However, the National Lottery sometimes schedules Must Be Won draws to mark significant dates or big events, and there are few more important national occasions than the crowning of a new monarch.

The coronation ceremony of Charles III will start at 11:00am on 6th May, and around nine hours later the Lotto draw advertised as the ‘King of all Jackpots’ will go ahead, with the top prize boosted way beyond its usual levels.

As it is guaranteed to be won, there are two possible scenarios for the night of the draw. One or two players might match all the numbers and win or share the £20 million jackpot, or there could be a rolldown.

A rolldown occurs when no tickets match all the numbers in a Must be Won draw. The money flows down through all the other prize categories, boosting the payouts for every single winner.

Even if you match just two numbers in a rolldown, you’ll receive an enhanced prize (£5 on top of the usual Lucky Dip). Whatever is left of the jackpot is split between the other prize tiers, with a percentage allocated to each one. Match 3 winners, for example, can end up receiving around £100 instead of the regular £30.

You don’t have to do anything different from normal to enter the special Must Be Won draw. Select six numbers from 1 to 59, decide how many lines to play, and specify how many draws you will be entering.

All you need to do afterwards is sit back and wait for the results. You can also use the Lotto Checker afterwards to find out how much you have won.

Published: Tuesday 25th April 2023

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