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Get Ready For June’s EuroMillions Superdraw

Get Ready For June’s EuroMillions Superdraw

One month on from the Thwaites’ record-breaking EuroMillions win, another gigantic jackpot will be put up for grabs in the next Superdraw.

What date is the Superdraw?

The summer Superdraw is set to be held on Friday 17th June. The jackpot on offer will be €130 million (around £110 million), giving UK players another opportunity to land one of the largest prizes ever seen in the country.

If the jackpot is not won on the night, it will roll over and an even bigger amount will be available in the following draw.

A UK player won the last Superdraw on the night back in February, matching all the numbers to bank a jackpot worth £109.9 million. They came forward to claim the money anonymously.

Another Superdraw had been scheduled for 29th April, but the jackpot was already well on its way towards the historic £184 million that Joe and Jess Thwaite won on 10th May.

Could the Thwaites’ Record Be Broken?

The Thwaites decided to go public as the UK’s biggest-ever winners because they felt it would be too much to ask of other people to keep their secret for them. Joe has already decided to quit his job and the couple are lining up a number of family holidays.

It could be that they remain the UK record holders for many years, but they could also be knocked off top spot within a matter of weeks. The EuroMillions jackpot has the capacity to grow to €230 million (£195 million) before it has to be capped, so it may only take a few rollovers from the Superdraw to reach that level.

How are Superdraws Funded?

The money for Superdraws comes from the Reserve Fund, which receives a percentage of the prize fund from every single EuroMillions draw.

The Reserve Fund is needed so that the minimum jackpot can always be offered, but it is also used for special promotions such as Superdraws and European Millionaire Maker draws.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the June Superdraw and the chance to win €130 million. You can also enjoy draws every Tuesday and Friday night.

Published: Thursday 26th May 2022

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