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EuroMillions to Guarantee 40 UK Millionaires In March

EuroMillions to Guarantee 40 UK Millionaires In March

A special edition of the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker raffle is due to take place in the coming weeks, and it will pay out 40 prizes of £1 million to players in the UK - guaranteed. The special draw will be held on Friday 1st March, and it is the first of many special raffles that the National Lottery hopes to offer this year.

Guaranteed £40 Million On Offer

Anyone who buys a ticket for the EuroMillions draw on 1st March will also receive a unique code for the special Millionaire Maker raffle. If that code matches one of the winning codes drawn, that player wins £1 million. Ordinarily, only one winning code is selected in each draw, but the special raffle will see 40 codes drawn, guaranteeing that £40 million will be paid out to UK players.

The odds of winning the Millionaire Maker raffle change with every draw, as winners are selected from all valid entries. It is estimated, though, that in a standard Friday raffle, where there is only one winning code selected, the odds are roughly one in five million. With 40 prizes on offer, those odds improve to around one in 125,000.

No other lottery offers such a good chance to become a millionaire, so there will be no better time to enter EuroMillions than on 1st March. If those odds aren’t enough, you could also be in with a chance of winning a record jackpot.

EuroMillions Jackpot Continues to Roll Over

The special Millionaire Maker raffle will take place exactly a month after the EuroMillions jackpot was bumped to a massive £105 million for February’s Superdraw. With no winner on the night of the Superdraw or in the draws since then, that jackpot has rolled over to £131 million (€151 million), which would be the third-biggest lottery prize ever won in the UK.

There are several more draws to be played before the March raffle, so there are plenty of opportunities to win the enormous jackpot prize. If, however, no one matches all five numbers and both Lucky Stars in the draws between now and then, we could be looking at the biggest prize ever played for.

The EuroMillions jackpot is capped at €190 million, and there is a very real chance that it could reach that amount if it is not won in the next few weeks. The last time the cap was reached was in October 2014, and it only took two draws for the prize to jump from €143 million, which is less than what the current jackpot sits at, to the capped amount of €190 million. 

By current exchange rates, €190 million converts to roughly £166 million, which is more than any single UK player has ever won playing the lottery. The current record belongs to Colin and Chris Weir, who won a jackpot worth £161 million in July 2011. That record might finally be eclipsed as EuroMillions enters one of the most exciting periods in its history. If you want to be a part of it, pick up a ticket from your nearest lottery retailer or pick your numbers online.

Published: Monday 11th February 2019

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