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£25 Million to Be Won in Festive Lotto and EuroMillions Draws

£25 Million to Be Won in Festive Lotto and EuroMillions Draws
Updated: Monday 30th December 2019

It will be a Christmas to remember as two special festive draws are set to give away £25 million to lottery players. The draws will continue the celebrations of the National Lottery’s 25th birthday and will ensure that some people in the UK start 2020 as new millionaires.

Christmas Day Lotto Draw

The first of the two festive draws is a special Lotto draw, set to take place on 25th December. The National Lottery has announced that the Christmas Day Lotto draw will be a Must Be Won draw, in which a £15 million jackpot will be guaranteed to be given away on the night, making it a very special Christmas indeed.

The entire £15 million jackpot will be won on the night, even if no one matches all six numbers to win the jackpot. In that instance the prize money would ‘roll down’ to be shared between all the players who match three or more numbers. 

Rolldowns prove to be lucrative for all winners - below is the approximate difference between Lotto prizes in a standard draw and a Must Be Won draw:

These amounts can vary, of course, depending on the number of entries, the size of the jackpot, and the number of winners, but regardless of the exact amounts, winners in Must Be Won draws can expect significantly bigger payouts.

New Year’s Eve EuroMillions

The second of the two festive draws to take place will be a special edition of EuroMillions. It has been revealed that £10 million will be given away in the draw on 31st December through the UK Millionaire Maker raffle.

Christmas and New Year Millionaire Makers have become a staple of the EuroMillions calendar. Ordinarily, only one million-pound prize would be won in a standard raffle draw, but the New Year’s draw will increase your chances of becoming a millionaire by tenfold. Entry is included in the cost of a EuroMillions ticket, too, so anyone who enters the draw on 31st December will also receive entry into the raffle.

The New Year’s raffle comes hot on the heels of another special edition of the Millionaire Maker, which took place on 8th November as part of the National Lottery’s birthday celebrations. Twenty-five winning codes were drawn on that date; check the results to see every winning code from that draw.

Published: Thursday 7th November 2019

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