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£15 Million Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on 6th July

£15 Million Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on 6th July
Updated: Thursday 27th June 2024

On Saturday, 6th July a Must Be Won draw will be held and Lotto players can enter for a chance to win the £15 million jackpot. The first prize is guaranteed to be paid out.

Ready for a mid-summer special draw? If you enter the next Must Be Won draw and are lucky enough to win, this might become a summer to remember. Special Lotto draws like the one taking place on Saturday, 6th July only happen a few times a year, and are organised by the lottery operator to celebrate holidays, significant dates, or other big events in order to give players a chance to win a jackpot with an enhanced amount.

Must Be Won draws are also held after five consecutive rollovers without a jackpot winner. On the sixth draw, the grand prize is guaranteed to be won and, if no player matches all the winning numbers, a rolldown will take place. When a rolldown occurs, the prize money is split between every single winner on the night, thus receiving a bigger amount than usual. For example, if you match two winning numbers, normally you would get a free Lucky Dip ticket. With a rolldown, you would also get £5 on top of the free Lucky Dip. 

On this occasion, the first kind of Must Be Won draw is happening as Allwyn is organising it as a summer special draw. However, another Must Be Won draw will be held this Saturday, on 29th June, as the current jackpot has already rolled over five times. The jackpot on offer is £11.4 million and it has to be won either by players matching all the winning numbers or through a rolldown. 

This is not an uncommon occurrence, as the last two Must Be Won draws were organised in the same manner, and both took place in the same week in May. One of them, with a jackpot worth £12.6 million, happened because the grand prize rolled over five consecutive times and it was held on Wednesday, 8th May. The other one had a £15 million jackpot and it was held on Saturday, 11th May. Both Must Be Won draws resulted in a rolldown. 

Two Must Be Won draws in a week mean a double chance for you to win bigger prizes if a rolldown happens, so grab your tickets and get involved, either by playing online or by visiting an authorised lottery retailer. 

Published: Wednesday 26th June 2024

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