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Get Set For Two Must Be Won Lotto Draws This Week

Get Set For Two Must Be Won Lotto Draws This Week

It is a week of opportunity for Lotto players, with two Must Be Won draws set to take place. Wednesday’s draw offers a £12.6 million jackpot, and then on Saturday £15 million is also guaranteed to be paid out.

In a Must Be Won draw, the jackpot has to be given away even if there are no tickets that match all six main winning numbers. This leads to a ‘rolldown’, where the money is split between every single prize winner on the night.

Whether you match two numbers or five plus the Bonus Ball, you will get a larger prize than normal if nobody wins the jackpot. While the odds of landing a prize are always the same, there is a chance you will win more than usual. The cost of a ticket never changes.

Why Are There Two Must Be Won Draws?

There are two types of Must Be Won draw. Most commonly, they happen after there have been five rollovers in a row. National Lottery rules dictate that the jackpot must then be won in the next draw.

From time to time, special Must Be Won draws are also arranged a few weeks in advance when the jackpot is raised to an amount that it cannot normally reach, such as £15 million.

This week, both sorts of Must Be Won draw will take place. On Saturday, 4th May, the jackpot rolled over for the fifth consecutive time, so it will climb to an estimated £12.6 million for Wednesday night and is guaranteed to be won.

Whatever happens on Wednesday, a £15 million jackpot will then be put up for grabs on Saturday, giving you another chance to become a multimillionaire or perhaps benefit from a rolldown. This special draw had already been scheduled so it will still go ahead, completing an exciting week for Lotto players.

There are also many other National Lottery games to enjoy throughout the week, such as Lotto HotPicks, Set For Life and Thunderball, as well as the big-money EuroMillions. Check out the Lottery Results page every day to see all the latest winning numbers.

Published: Tuesday 7th May 2024

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