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UK Lotto Winner Claims £20 Million Jackpot—Biggest Win of The Year

UK Lotto Winner Claims £20 Million Jackpot—Biggest Win of The Year

The UK player who won Saturday’s £20 million jackpot was quick to claim their prize. The jackpot winner matched all six numbers: 1, 12, 20, 22, 24, and 35.

Two other players also won £1 million each after matching five numbers and the Bonus Ball, 34.

This was a special draw as it was a Must Be Won one and, if not won, the jackpot prize would have been shared between all the players who matched at least two numbers. 

Saturday’s draw is double special as this is now the biggest Lotto win of the year. Two other £20 million jackpots were won on Saturday 8th April and Saturday 6th May, however both of these were rolldowns, meaning there wasn’t a single jackpot winner and the prize was shared.

The claim period is 180 days from the date of the draw but the big winner only waited a day and already got in touch with the National Lottery to receive the prize. The winner will have the choice to go public with the win or keep this to themselves.  

Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery, said, “We’re delighted that this fantastic Lotto jackpot has been claimed. What a magnificent start to July! It’s been an incredible couple of months for Lotto players with an amazing 24 millionaires made in May and June alone. Our focus is now on supporting the ticket-holder through the process and helping them start to enjoy their truly life-changing win.”

There were more than 1,9 million prize winners after Saturday’s draw, so make sure you check whether you’re one of them on our Lotto Results page.

Not a winner this time? Don’t give up—the lucky numbers could be just around the corner! The next draw is happening on Wednesday 5th July and you can enter online here.

Published: Monday 3rd July 2023

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