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Three Different Ways to Win Lottery Jackpots This January

Three Different Ways to Win Lottery Jackpots This January

January is traditionally a month of cutting back and saving cash following the excesses of the Christmas holidays. Payday at the end of the month seems a long way off and the mood-lifting balmy weather of summer is even further in the distance.

Many lottery fans might while away their days dreaming of a big jackpot win that would allow them to leap onto the next flight headed for the sun, so here are three suggestions for different ways to win lottery jackpots at the start of 2018.

Pick Your EuroMillions Numbers and Get a Free Line   

During January, you can take advantage of’s offer of a free EuroMillions line when you pay for one set of numbers. Simply use the banner above to visit the site, select your line, and use the promo code FREELINE at checkout to land an additional entry at no extra cost. Find out more at the Promotions page.

Playing two lines instead of just one instantly boosts your chances of winning prizes in the EuroMillions draw. Whereas a single line has a 1 in 139.8 million shot at the jackpot, playing double that amount cuts your odds to 1 in 69.9 million.

Join a Syndicate

Using the logic that more entries into a draw improves your chances of winning a prize, joining a syndicate is a fantastic way of beating the odds whilst keeping your outlay steady. A number of lottery players join together and pool their entries, promising to share the accumulated winnings. This means that you may only pay for one or two lines perhaps, but you have considerably more numbers working on your behalf in the draw.

You could create your own syndicate, in which case you should consult the Syndicates section for advice on how to protect the group legally. Alternatively, you can join a ready-made online Lotto or Thunderball pool, where all you need to do is choose the number of shares you wish to buy, pay for your entry and wait for the prizes to pop up in your player account.  

Play Worldwide Lotteries

Sites like allow you to expand your horizons and play for some of the largest lottery jackpots around the world. Although Lotto and EuroMillions currently stand at a more-than-respectable £5.3 million and £15 million respectively, you could choose your numbers this week for Italy’s €79.6 million (around £70 million) SuperEnalotto, or Mega Millions and Powerball in the US, which have reached a staggering $343 million (£253 million) and $440 million (£324 million). Find the links you need to take part on the Tickets page. Good luck!  

Published: Tuesday 2nd January 2018

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