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Types of Syndicates

If you’re ready to join a lottery syndicate and maximise your chances of winning a prize, you can either play online or offline.

Online Syndicates

Joining an online syndicate could not be easier. It may be that you are having trouble recruiting people to your syndicate, are unable to find a group of like-minded lottery fans to play with or you just don’t have the time to spend buying tickets, scanning copies and chasing up members for the cost of entries. By playing online, all you have to do is choose which game you want to play, whether it is Lotto or Thunderball. After you enter the syndicate of your choice, you can decide how many shares you want to buy; the more you purchase, the greater your percentage of any prize your syndicate might win. Best of all, you will reduce the amount you spend on tickets while still bettering your chances of winning big, giving you a great opportunity to snap up cash for less than you might think!

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28 Chances to Win!
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21 Chances to Win!

Offline Syndicates

Playing as a syndicate with friends, family members or fellow workers is a great way to have fun and try to bag some magnificent prizes, but it is a good idea to have a syndicate agreement to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that no disputes arise.

Check out the syndicate calculator to discover how the odds of winning a prize increase by playing in a syndicate, and how much each member of your group stands to receive if you do strike it lucky.