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Set For Life Winner Ready For ‘Year He’ll Never Forget’

Set For Life Winner Ready For ‘Year He’ll Never Forget’
Updated: Friday 15th November 2019

An online player from Liverpool is looking forward to a wonderful year after winning the second prize in the National Lottery’s newest game, Set For Life. The winner, known only as Mr T,  will receive £10,000 every month for a year, despite not matching the full set of numbers.

Set For Life is an annuity lottery which offers a regular income to winners in the top two prize tiers, rather than the one-off payments found in traditional games such as EuroMillions and Lotto. You have to pick five main numbers from 1 to 47 to take part, plus a Life Ball between 1 and 10.

If you match all the numbers selected in the draw, you win £10,000 every month for 30 years. If you match the five main numbers without the Life Ball, like Mr T from LIverpool, you are paid 12 monthly instalments of £10,000.

Mr T matched the main numbers 3, 6, 16, 24 and 29 on Thursday 18th April, just missing out on the Life Ball of 5. His prize works out at a total of £120,000 over the next year, and he has told National Lottery officials that he is now planning to go an exotic holiday with his family as he prepares for a period of financial freedom.

Senior Winners’ Advisor Andy Carter said: “Huge congratulations to Mr. T for winning this fantastic prize without even touching a ticket. After a few simple clicks he can now look forward to receiving £10,000 every month for a year – one thing is for sure, it’ll be a year that he’ll never forget.”

As an online player, Mr T took up the option of partial publicity, meaning that he was happy for a few details to be released about the city where he lived and his plans for the prize. However, he still remained anonymous and will not be subjected to unwanted attention from the media or anyone begging for money.

Set For Life launched in May, with draws taking place every Monday and Thursday evening. It costs £1.50 per line and there are eight different ways to win prizes.

Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on Saturday

The Lotto jackpot must be won on Saturday 18th May, after Wednesday’s draw made it five rollovers in a row since the top prize was last given away. Must Be Won draws can provide an opportunity to win even bigger payouts than normal.

If there are no tickets that match all six main numbers, the jackpot money rolls down and is shared out between all the other players who win cash prizes. For example, you could end up winning around £100 in the Match 3 category instead of the regular £30 amount.

The exact amount depends on how many tickets are sold and the number of winners, but the chances of winning are the same as normal so it is an opportunity not to be missed. You can take part online or by visiting an authorised retailer, and then check the Lotto Results straight after Saturday’s draw to see if you are a winner.

Published: Thursday 16th May 2019

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