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Lotto Must Be Won Draws on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Lotto Must Be Won Draws on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

There are set to be two Must Be Won draws for Lotto players to enjoy over the festive period, taking place on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Find out more about these special draws.

£15 Million Jackpots

Both draws will work in the same way, and follow the format of the Must Be Won draws that have become so popular over the last few years.

The big difference is that these draws are both guaranteed to offer £15 million jackpots, unlike regular Must Be Won draws - which only happen when the top prize has rolled over five times in a row.

It does not matter whether the jackpot is much lower in the preceding draw, or even if it has just been won, the National Lottery will take money from the Reserve Fund to put up £15 million on Saturday 24th December.

If anyone matches all the numbers, they will win or share the jackpot. If there are no ‘Match 6’ winners, the money will be split between everyone else who has won a prize.

Players in the ‘Match 2’ category will receive £5 on top of their usual Lucky Dip, while a percentage of the remaining funds will be allocated to each of the other prize categories. Go to the Must Be Won Draws page for more information.

Another £15 million Must Be Won draw will then be held one week later on Saturday 31st January, providing an opportunity to ring in the New Year in style.

There are two major attractions to these Must Be Won draws. There’s a huge jackpot to try and win, but there’s also the chance you will receive a larger prize than normal if you end up in one of the other prize categories.

You can take part in Lotto every Wednesday and Saturday night, and find the latest results as soon as the draws have happened.

Published: Monday 12th December 2022

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