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Lotto Jackpot Up to £20 Million for Must Be Won Draw on 6th November

Lotto Jackpot Up to £20 Million for Must Be Won Draw on 6th November
Updated: Monday 1st November 2021

Following on from the excitement of Saturday’s £11 million Lotto jackpot win, the top prize will be increased to £20 million for a Must Be Won draw on Saturday 6th November.

The special event will see the National Lottery tap into the Reserve Fund to put an extra-large jackpot up for grabs. In fact, it is the joint-biggest prize to have been seen on Lotto all year.

If anyone matches all six main numbers, they will instantly become a multimillionaire. If there are no tickets that match all the numbers, a rolldown will occur.

When there’s a rolldown, the full jackpot amount is split between players in all the other winning categories. Even if you match just two of the numbers, you receive £5 on top of your usual Lucky Dip.

Match three or more numbers and you can expect your payout to be significantly enhanced, especially in a draw like the one on Saturday 6th November when the jackpot is larger than normal.

Must Be Won draws typically only occur after there have been five rollovers in a row, as Lotto rules stipulate that the jackpot has to be given away in the subsequent draw. However, special events are also lined up from time to time when it does not matter what has happened to the jackpot in the preceding draws.

There could even have been two Must Be Won draws this week, as the jackpot had rolled over four consecutive times before someone scooped £11 million on Saturday 30th October. If there had been another rollover, the jackpot would have needed to be won on Wednesday, and then again on Saturday 6th.

The hunt is now on for Saturday’s £11 million winner, while the jackpot will reset to £2 million for Wednesday night. Use the Lotto Checker to find out if you are due a prize from any recent draw.

Published: Monday 1st November 2021

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