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Lotto Jackpot of £20 Million Must Be Won on Saturday 8th April

Lotto Jackpot of £20 Million Must Be Won on Saturday 8th April

The Lotto jackpot will be bumped up to £20 million for a Must Be Won draw on Saturday 8th April. Known as the Lotto’s ‘Easter Extravaganza’, it promises to be a thrilling night with a chance to land a share of the largest jackpot of the year.

When a special Lotto draw of this kind is announced in advance, it means that it does not matter how much lower the jackpot is in the preceding draw. In fact, even if it's won on the Wednesday, there will still be £20 million on offer.

The money comes from the Reserve Fund, which receives a small percentage of the prize pot in every draw so that promotions and exciting events can be scheduled from time to time.

As the jackpot must be won, it sets up the prospect of a rolldown if nobody matches all the numbers. This is when the entire £20 million rolls down to the prize categories beneath. Everyone in the Match 2 tier gets £5 on top of their Lucky Dip, and from what is left a fixed percentage is allocated to each prize level.

The payout values in a rolldown therefore depend on how many winners there are in each category, but it is not uncommon for the amounts to be doubled - or more - in some prize tiers.

Make the Most of Must Be Won Draws

While Must Be Won draws with a pre-determined jackpot amount only occur a few times a year to mark key dates such as Easter or Christmas, Must Be Won draws have become a regular feature of Lotto since the rules of the game were updated in November 2018.

This is when a five-rollover limit was introduced to help ensure the jackpot was won more regularly. It was at this time that the jackpot also started to flow down through multiple prize tiers if nobody matched all the numbers in a Must Be Won draw.

You can keep track of the number of draws that have passed without a winner on, if you are planning to purchase multiple entries the next time that a Must Be Won draw comes around.

Your odds of winning in a Must Be Won draw are exactly the same as in a regular draw, but there is a better chance of winning a larger prize because it is possible that the jackpot will roll down. If you do decide to get extra entries, it does give you more opportunities to win.

Joining a syndicate is a great way to give you more entries at an affordable cost, so you may want to team up with friends, neighbours or colleagues, or consider an online syndicate. Regardless of how you play, remember to check the Lotto Results after a draw to find out what has happened. 

Published: Friday 31st March 2023

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