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Good News Continues for UK EuroMillions Players with 20 Guaranteed Millionaires

Good News Continues for UK EuroMillions Players with 20 Guaranteed Millionaires
Updated: Wednesday 15th January 2020

Last year was a great one for EuroMillions players in the UK, with record jackpots claimed and over 200 millionaires made. That trend is set to continue into 2020 as the National Lottery has announced that 20 UK millionaires are guaranteed in the draw on Tuesday 4th February.

The special draw will be held to celebrate the changes that are due to be applied to EuroMillions on 1st February. Those changes include an increase to the jackpot cap to €200 million and an update to the prize structure, which will mean bigger jackpots more often.

It has already been announced that a Superdraw will take place on 7th February to mark the start of the updated game rules and now a bumper edition of the Millionaire Maker raffle will add to the occasion.

Anyone who purchases a EuroMillions ticket in the UK for the draw on 4th February will be entered into this special edition of the Millionaire Maker raffle at no extra cost. The extra prizes will mean that the odds of winning are significantly improved.

Odds of Winning the UK Millionaire Maker

The exact odds of winning the UK Millionaire Maker raffle in a certain draw are almost impossible to determine beforehand, as they are based directly on how many entries are sold. As the winning codes are selected from all valid entries for that draw, the odds increase as more tickets are sold.

For example, if there are one million entrants in a standard draw, that means there is a one in a million chance of a particular code being drawn. If there are two million entries, the odds lengthen to one in two million, and so on. Many things can influence how many tickets are sold and so have an effect on the odds of winning the raffle, most notably the size of the EuroMillions jackpot.

With 20 codes set to be drawn in the raffle on 4th February, the odds of winning are improved by 20 times what they would be if one code was drawn. The National Lottery estimates that the average odds of winning a standard Millionaire Maker raffle on a Tuesday with the jackpot at its current level are around 1 in 4.77 million.

Based on that, the odds of winning on Tuesday 4th February – when 20 winning codes will be selected – will be 1 in 238,500. Remember, though, that this won’t be exact and could change significantly if ticket sales are a lot higher or lower than expected.

UK Millionaire Maker Raffles 2019

The Millionaire Maker raffle is a great way for the National Lottery to distribute money that has built up in the EuroMillions Reserve Fund as it means they can guarantee that many players in the UK will become millionaires. Last year, five special Millionaire Maker draws took place, which between them gave away prize money worth £105 million.

Millionaire Maker raffles aren’t scheduled for a specific date or time of year. Even the special Christmas and New Year raffles are not guaranteed to be held, even though there has been one every year for the last 10 years (as noted above, the 2018 festive raffle actually took place on 1st January 2019 but we’re counting this as the 2018 New Year's draw for the sake of continuity).

The number of millionaires created in 2019 just goes to show that the National Lottery followed through on their commitment to hold special Millionaire Maker raffles more frequently – last year saw more such raffles than ever. February's raffle and Superdraw will mean that 2020 gets off to an equally good start.

Published: Wednesday 15th January 2020

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