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Get Set For Historic Week on Lotto and Health Millions

Get Set For Historic Week on Lotto and Health Millions
Updated: Thursday 27th October 2022

Some huge lottery jackpots are guaranteed to be given away this week. For the first time ever, two Lotto ‘Must Be Won’ draws will be held back to back. What’s more, a special Health Millions Super Jackpot of £15 million will also be on offer on Thursday.

Lotto Jackpots Must Be Won

There have been occasional Must Be Won draws in Lotto since the game was launched in 1994, but they have become more common over the past couple of years after the format changed in November 2018 to help create millionaires even more regularly.

Under the current rules, the jackpot has to be given away in the next draw after there have been five consecutive rollovers. The top prize must therefore be won this Wednesday as it has been rolling over since 3rd June and has risen to an estimated £12.8 million.

If there are no tickets that match all six main numbers, the jackpot will roll down and be shared between everyone who matches at least three main numbers. This means that you can end up with a far larger prize than normal - for example, you might receive £100 in the Match 3 category instead of the standard £30. 

To put it another way, you have a better chance of winning a bigger prize in a Must Be Won draw. The exact payout depends on how many tickets have been bought for the draw and the number of winners in it.

Health Millions Super Jackpot

As well as this week’s Lotto draws, another major event is taking place in the next few days. A Health Millions Summer Super Jackpot worth £15 million is available to bet on this Thursday, 25th June.

Health Millions is an online-only game which has only recently launched and gives you the opportunity to win a top prize of £5 million every Monday and Thursday. This week’s Super Jackpot is three times the standard amount - match six numbers from 1 to 50 and a Health Ball from 1 to 5 and it could all be yours for just a £1 bet.

There’s also a £115 million EuroMillions Superdraw just around the corner on Friday 3rd July. You can pick the game of your choice and take part online to try and snap up a multimillion-pound prize.

Published: Monday 22nd June 2020

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