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EuroMillions Superdraw to offer €130 million on 5th February

EuroMillions Superdraw to offer €130 million on 5th February

EuroMillions will hold its first superdraw of 2021 on Friday 5th February, offering a guaranteed jackpot of €130 million, which will likely be the equivalent of £115 million for players in the UK. The superdraw is the first of the year and follows on from four being held in 2020, the last of which lead to the EuroMillions jackpot record being broken.

The superdraw jackpot will be set to €130 million no matter what due to funds from each regular draw being added to the reserve fund. If the jackpot has rolled over sufficient times prior to 5th February that the next estimated jackpot is equal or higher than €130 million, then the superdraw will be cancelled and held another time in the year and the regular jackpot run will continue.

The superdraw does not have to be won on the night, and in fact only two of the last ten superdraws have been won on the day they were held.  If the superdraw is not won on the night then it will continue to increase and rollover like any normal draw would.

Possible new record jackpot?

The EuroMillions record jackpot of €200 million was set on 11th December 2020, only 18 days before the next superdraw was announced. That record was set by a single French ticket after a run of three draws at the jackpot cap, which at the time was the €200 million mark.

The rules that were set in February 2020 mean that the jackpot cap now increases to €210 million, paving the way for this record jackpot to be beaten once again should sufficient rollovers take place following the draw on 5th February. It will likely take a minimum of six rollovers for the new cap to be reached, and then must be won in the next four draws at that cap before a ‘Must be Won’ draw will take place.

It is quite usual for changes to the EuroMillions game to take place in February at the same time as a superdraw is held, but it doesn’t seem like this is the case for the 2021 superdraw. Any more information regarding this superdraw will be added here or on the dedicated page here.

Published: Tuesday 29th December 2020

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