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EuroMillions Superdraw Scheduled for Friday 4th February

EuroMillions Superdraw Scheduled for Friday 4th February
Updated: Tuesday 11th January 2022

A EuroMillions Superdraw will take place on Friday 4th February, with a jackpot of €130 million (approximately £108 million) to be put up for grabs.

Superdraws only take place a few times a year and are announced a few weeks in advance so that players can look forward to an opportunity to play for a much larger prize than normal.

It would usually take a number of rollovers to create a jackpot of more than £100 million, but when a Superdraw is scheduled it means you can play for a nine-figure amount without having to wait for a run of draws without a winner. Go to the Superdraws page for more information about these special events, including how they are funded.

Superdraw Winners

You’ve got just as much chance of winning the jackpot in a Superdraw as in any other draw. You don’t have to do anything extra to take part; the only difference is that you’ll have a particularly big jackpot to claim.

Many Superdraws have been won on the night over the years, dating back to the very first one in February 2007. UK players have been particularly lucky - last June a single ticket holder from the country banked £110 million after matching all the winning numbers.

When a Superdraw isn’t won, the jackpot rolls over as normal and is worth even more in the following draw.

The top prize can now go all the way up to €230 million (approximately £190 million). If it heads towards record territory after the upcoming Superdraw, the largest payout in UK National Lottery history could be given away. The biggest prize ever won in the UK currently stands at £170 million.

100 Millionaires on 21st January

As well as the EuroMillions Superdraw in early February, there’s another Europe-wide event on Friday 21st January. A special edition of the European Millionaire Maker will see 100 players become millionaires across the continent. These prizes are guaranteed to be won, so there’s a much better chance of winning £1 million than usual.

You can take part in EuroMillions every Tuesday and Friday night to put yourself in the running for a great prize. Choose your numbers online or go to an authorised lottery retailer.

Published: Tuesday 11th January 2022

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