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EuroMillions Superdraw Announced For Friday 3rd December

EuroMillions Superdraw Announced For Friday 3rd December
Updated: Tuesday 9th November 2021

Just weeks after the biggest EuroMillions jackpot of all time was given away, there will be another chance to set your sights on glory after a Superdraw was announced for Friday 3rd December. The draw will feature a jackpot worth £111 million. 

What is a Superdraw?

A Superdraw, also known as a Super Jackpot, is a draw in which the top prize is increased to a certain amount. This amount is usually €130 million and is always set in Euros, so the exact pound sterling value will only be determined on the day based on the exchange rate.

Apart from the enhanced jackpot, Superdraws work in the same way as regular draws. You don’t have to pay any extra to take part and you still pick up prizes by matching the winning numbers. If the Superdraw jackpot isn’t won, it rolls over to the following draw as usual.

What happened in the last Superdraw?

The last Superdraw was held on Friday 24th September and also offered a jackpot of €130 million (£111 million). No tickets matched all seven winning numbers so the jackpot grew for the following draw.

It kept rising all the way up to €220 million, which was the maximum that could be won at the time. A ticket holder from France eventually won a jackpot worth £185 million on Friday 15th October.

What is the jackpot cap now?

The EuroMillions jackpot cap is now worth €230 million, as it goes up by €10 million as soon as someone has won the maximum prize. If the jackpot from the upcoming Superdraw does go on to reach €230 million, it will only be able to stay at that value for four draws before it must then be won in the following draw.

How do I win the EuroMillions jackpot?

To win the EuroMillions jackpot, you must match all seven of the winning numbers. There’s no realistic way to guarantee you’ll do that, as you would need to cover 139,838,160 combinations of numbers.

However, you can boost your chances by purchasing multiple entries, perhaps as part of a syndicate to keep costs down. You may also want to consider how you select your numbers, whether it’s through checking the EuroMillions Statistics or a Random Generator.

You cannot win if you don’t have an entry in the draw, but you might just pick up a prize if you do take part. UK players have enjoyed a lot of success in Superdraws over the years - only in June someone matched all the numbers to win £111 million. They contacted the National Lottery within 48 hours and claimed the prize anonymously.

EuroMillions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday evening. Keep up to date with the latest results as the build-up to the Superdraw continues.

Published: Tuesday 9th November 2021

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