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EuroMillions Rolls Over To Reach £133 Million

EuroMillions Rolls Over To Reach £133 Million

A EuroMillions jackpot worth £133 will be offered in the next draw on Tuesday 10th September, giving UK players the chance to become the country’s third-biggest winner of all time. It has now been seven weeks - 14 draws - since the last winner and there has been a surge of interest across Europe as the top prize has soared.

A number of players have come close to scooping the nine-figure windfall, including six in the last draw on Friday 6th September who matched five main numbers plus one Lucky Star. One of those tickets was sold in the UK, netting the lucky participant £170,093.

There were a total of 3,156,955 winning entries all over the continent - 867,546 from the UK - while one ticket holder also pocketed £1 million in the Millionaire Maker after matching the code VLZP91888. Go to the EuroMillions Results page for more information, including a full prize breakdown.

One of the UK’s Biggest Jackpots

If there is a single UK winner of Tuesday’s jackpot, it will be the third-largest prize ever to have been claimed in the country. The biggest so far came back in July 2011, when Chris and Colin Weir banked more than £161 million. They bought a mansion and gave money to loved ones, while they also set up a charitable trust, invested in football club Partick Thistle and donated £3 million to the Scottish National Party.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford became the UK’s second-biggest winners in August 2012, pocketing £148 million with a Lucky Dip bought in their local town of Haverhill in Suffolk. They splashed out on a new home and cars, while Adrian also went on to open up his own store selling movie and music memorabilia.

The jackpot won by the Bayfords was actually worth more in Euros than the Weirs’ prize (€190 million to £185 million). However, the Weirs received more due to the exchange rate at the time. The current exchange rate for €190 million - which is the maximum that EuroMillions can offer - is around £170 million, so there is a chance that the Weirs’ record could be beaten in the next few weeks if the jackpot continues to roll.

The winner of the UK’s third-largest jackpot opted to stay anonymous when they picked up their prize for £123 million on Tuesday 11th June. The decision over whether to go public or not rests entirely with the player, as the National Lottery will provide support and advice either way.

Check out the page on the UK’s Biggest Lottery Winners to find out how many chose publicity and learn more about the stories behind the most successful players.

Tuesday’s winning numbers will be posted straight after the draw has taken place, followed by a breakdown of how prizes were won in each category. You can also use the EuroMillions Checker to see if your numbers have come up anytime in the last 180 days. Take part in EuroMillions online to give yourself a chance of winning the big jackpot.

Published: Monday 9th September 2019

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