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EuroMillions Reaches Biggest-Ever Jackpot

EuroMillions Reaches Biggest-Ever Jackpot
Updated: Wednesday 6th July 2022

The EuroMillions jackpot has reached its maximum possible amount, setting up the biggest draw of all time on Friday night. Find out more about the record-breaking prize and how it could make someone richer than celebrities such as Adele and Harry Styles.

Following a run of six rollovers since the most recent Superdraw on Friday 17th June, the jackpot cap will now be activated in the next draw on Friday. The jackpot cap is €230 million and represents the ceiling of the lottery’s limits - it cannot go any higher.

€230 Million Jackpot Cap

The jackpot cap is set in Euros because that is the currency of eight of the nine participating countries. The exchange rate on the day of the draw will determine how much a UK player could win, but it is set to be worth between £190 million and £200 million.

The jackpot will stay at its limit for the subsequent draw if nobody wins on Friday, with any additional funds being funnelled into the prize tier for matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

In fact, the jackpot could end up staying at its maximum amount for five draws, which would be Friday 22nd July, if no tickets can win before that date.

Biggest UK Winners

The latest record jackpot comes just a couple of months after Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucester became the biggest UK lottery winners in history.

The Thwaites won £184 million on 10th May after the jackpot grew all the way from its minimum value of £14 million. They contacted the National Lottery straight away and were presented to the media within days, describing themselves as ‘normal people’ who had just got very lucky.

An anonymous player had previously held the record for the largest UK win, after scooping £170 million in October 2019. Further back in EuroMillions history, Scottish couple Chris and Colin Weir pocketed £161 million in July 2011 and the Bayfords from Suffolk won £148 million in August 2012.

A UK winner of the current jackpot would instantly overtake all these previous players, as well as many of the rich and famous. Singers Adele and Harry Styles, for example, are both reportedly worth £150 million.

It’s also possible that multiple players will split the jackpot, although only one top prize has been shared since the start of the year.

To win the top prize, you need to match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars. You could play a Lucky Dip like the Thwaites or choose your own numbers using any strategy you like. You have to be in it to win it, so take part online now to have a chance of becoming the next jackpot winner.

Published: Wednesday 6th July 2022

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