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EuroMillions Hits £94 Million but Do the Stats Suggest You Will Win?

EuroMillions Hits £94 Million but Do the Stats Suggest You Will Win?

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled again on Tuesday 30th January, leaving the game without a winner in the entire first month of 2018. However, as we head into February, what do the statistics say about your chances of claiming Friday night’s £94 million bounty?

Is February a Lucky Month for EuroMillions?

If you reckon you can predict future results based on past lottery performances, the omens suggest Friday might be your day. To date, 34 of the 380 EuroMillions jackpot winners were crowned in February, that’s 8.95%, which is above the average of 8.33%. However, January has historically been a happier hunting ground for jackpots, with 39 in total (10.26%), but failed to produce a single top-tier success this year.

Luckiest EuroMillions Day

The luckiest day of the week to play EuroMillions is Friday, which will give lottery fans across the continent some hope ahead of the weekend’s draw. 309 ticket holders have woken up on a Saturday morning as a brand new millionaire, compared with just 71 who struck gold in the Tuesday draw.

In addition, the 2nd day of the month, which is when the next draw falls, is the joint second-luckiest when it comes to snapping up the top prize. The 12th is most successful, creating 19 winners, with the 2nd, 7th and 25th responsible for 18 jackpots each.

In the top ten specific days of the year, the 2nd February doesn’t get a look in, but its near neighbours, the 4th and the 3rd sit fourth and ninth respectively, having seen five and four grand prizes pocketed.

Most Common and Most Overdue Numbers

The most commonly drawn EuroMillions numbers since the game began are 10, 17, 20, 27 and 30 with Lucky Stars 3 and 9, but the most overdue set of balls is 7, 16, 33, 40 and 47 with Lucky Stars 10 and 11.

You can find more data about EuroMillons numbers since the game began in 2004 at the EuroMillions Statistics page.

Are the Omens Right?

In reality, nothing that has gone before has any sway over what happens in Friday’s draw. Each line has the same chance of winning as any other when aiming for the massive £94 million jackpot this weekend, but you do have to be in it to win it.

You can choose your numbers online right now and, if you do so at before midnight on the 31st January, you will double your chances with an additional, free line by using the code FREELINE at checkout. Follow the link in the banner above to find out more.

Published: Wednesday 31st January 2018

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