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31 UK Players Win £1 Million in One Night on EuroMillions

31 UK Players Win £1 Million in One Night on EuroMillions

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled over on Friday night, but a special raffle helped 31 UK players win £1 million. Find out all the details.

Anyone who bought a ticket for Friday’s draw was automatically entered into the latest European Millionaire Maker, which guaranteed that 100 players across Europe would win €1 million.

For UK players, your code for the regular Millionaire Maker draw was also entered into the Europe-wide event. In the raffle, 100 winning codes were selected at random. The National Lottery bumped up the prize values for UK winners from the equivalent of €1 million to £1 million.

Out of the 100 winners, 30 came from the UK, making it the luckiest country out of the nine participating nations. The 31st UK millionaire came in the standard Millionaire Maker draw, which ran as normal.

The main draw did not create any millionaires as the jackpot proved to be out of reach, but there were still over a million prizes paid out in the UK.

Use the EuroMillions Checker to find out if you have won a prize. You can select your numbers from the main draw, or type in your Millionaire Maker code. The Checker will compare your selections to the official results and let you know if you are a winner.

If you do win a prize, you need to come forward and claim it within 180 days of the draw date. It can be easy to overlook the Millionaire Maker results and focus on the main draw, so make sure not to discard your tickets too quickly.

While the jackpot will now continue to grow, there is also a EuroMillions Superdraw to look forward to on 3rd March with a chance to win €130 million (around £11 million).

Published: Monday 6th February 2023

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