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£20 Million Lotto Must Be Won Draw on 5th March

£20 Million Lotto Must Be Won Draw on 5th March
Updated: Wednesday 23rd February 2022

The biggest Lotto jackpot of the year will be available on Saturday 5th March, with the top prize set to be increased to £20 million. What’s more, it is a Must Be Won draw so the money is guaranteed to be paid out.

Under normal circumstances, the jackpot does not grow past £11 million or £12 million as rules state it can only roll over for a maximum of five draws before there must be a winner in the following draw.

However, special draws are held from time to time when the jackpot is boosted to a larger amount, using money from the reserve fund. The top prize on 5th March will be the biggest to have been seen on Lotto since a £20 million Must Be Won draw in November.

If there are no tickets that match all six main numbers, the jackpot will roll down and be split between everyone else who wins a prize. Winners in the Match 2 tier will receive £5 in addition to their Lucky Dip, while a percentage of the remaining prize fund will be allocated to all of the other categories.

Rolldowns can lead to much bigger payouts than normal in the prize tiers below the jackpot. In November’s £20 million draw, for example, players who matched three numbers were paid £81 instead of the standard £30.

The last time that a jackpot of £20 million was won outright was in January 2021, when a single ticket holder matched all six numbers.

The biggest Lotto jackpot ever won was $66 million, back in January 2016. David and Carol Martin from the Scottish Borders split the record prize with an anonymous winner.

The five-rollover limit was brought in from November 2018. The introduction of the Must Be Won format has led to the jackpot being won more regularly and helped to boost prize amounts at lower levels.

Make sure to get involved in the Must Be Won draw on 5th March and check out the Lotto Results to see if you are a winner.

Published: Wednesday 23rd February 2022

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