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£20M Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on Saturday 5th September

£20M Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on Saturday 5th September
Updated: Monday 24th August 2020

Lotto players will have the chance to play for a huge £20 million jackpot on Saturday 5th September. What’s more, all of that prize money is guaranteed to be won, as it will be a special Must Be Won draw.

After two rollovers, the Lotto jackpot currently sits at £5.2 million ahead of the draw on Wednesday 26th August, and it is set to be boosted to a huge £20 million for the 5th September draw, even if the jackpot gets won between now and then. If a single ticket holder wins that amount it will be the biggest Lotto jackpot to be won in over two years.

As it’s a Must Be Won draw, if no one matches all six numbers to win the jackpot outright the entire £20 million prize fund will be split between other winners, in what’s known as a rolldown. A percentage of the prize money will be allocated to each of the three prize tiers below the jackpot and the money split equally between the winners.

For example, if a rolldown does occur, three percent of the jackpot prize fund - which on 5th September will equate to around £600,000 - will be allocated to the Match 5 + Bonus Ball prize tier. If there’s one winner in that tier they can expect to walk away with a prize worth £1.6 million, instead of the usual £1 million. The only prize that stays the same in a rolldown is the Match 2 prize, which remains a free Lucky Dip for a future Lotto draw.

Must Be Won draws have become regular occurrences in Lotto, as rules state that the jackpot can roll over five times before it has to be given away. The jackpots for these Must Be Won draws usually work out at between £10 million and £13 million.

The National Lottery also occasionally schedules special Must Be Won draws, such as the one on 5th September, where the jackpot is boosted to a guaranteed value regardless of how many rollovers have gone by or what value the jackpot stands at.

For the upcoming Must Be Won draw, it could be that the jackpot is won in the draw before, on Wednesday 2nd September. If that happens, the usual starting jackpot of £3.8 million would be boosted by a huge £16.2 million to reach its guaranteed £20 million value. Alternatively, the current jackpot may continue to roll over to 5th September, but there will still be a significant increase to the prize money.

To play in the upcoming Must Be Won draw all you need to do is purchase a Lotto entry for the 5th September draw. There is no change to the way you play, as you still choose the usual six numbers and the ticket cost is still £2. By doing so you put yourself in the running to become one of the biggest Lotto jackpot winners in years.

Published: Monday 24th August 2020

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