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£20 Million Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on Saturday 22nd May

£20 Million Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on Saturday 22nd May
Updated: Friday 21st May 2021

The joint-largest Lotto jackpot of the year will be put up for grabs on Saturday 22nd May. Even better, it must be won so there is a chance that it could roll down and boost the value of other prizes.

Enhanced Jackpot

The jackpot has been bumped up to £20 million - far higher than it can normally grow - as part of a special promotion to create even more excitement for players. The top prize was only worth the starting amount of £2 million on Wednesday following a Must Be Won Draw last weekend, so Saturday’s figure is an increase of 10 times that amount.

The draw provides an opportunity to become one of the biggest Lotto winners of recent years. If you match all six numbers and no other tickets do the same, you’ll instantly become £20 million richer and can look forward to fulfilling all those dreams on your wish list.

A lucky player won £20 million in a similar special event in January, but nobody has landed a bigger prize since May 2018.

Chance of a Rolldown

If nobody matches all six numbers on Saturday night, there will be a jackpot rolldown and the £20 million will be split between everyone else who wins a prize.

Match 2 winners will receive a £5 payout in addition to their free Lucky Dip, while the rest of the prize fund will be divided up between players in the other four categories. If you match three main numbers, you may get more than £100 instead of the standard fixed prize of £30.

The exact value of prizes in a rolldown depends on how many winners there have been. For example, in last Saturday’s Must Be Won draw, the jackpot was worth £12.3 million and Match 3 winners received £60 each when it rolled down. With £20 million in the jackpot this time, there is more money to go around if it ends up being shared.

You can get involved in Saturday’s Must Be Won draw by visiting any authorised lottery retailer in the UK or taking part online. Keep an eye on the Lotto Results page after the draw to see if you’ve won a prize.

Published: Friday 21st May 2021

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