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£20 Million Lotto Jackpot Guaranteed To Be Won on Saturday

£20 Million Lotto Jackpot Guaranteed To Be Won on Saturday
Updated: Tuesday 4th January 2022

It promises to be a spectacular Lotto draw on Saturday 4th September, with the jackpot set to be bumped up to £20 million. The even better news is that the top prize must be won, so it could create one of the biggest winners of the year or be spread among millions of lucky players.

The Lotto Must Be Won draw has been scheduled as part of the National Lottery’s promotional campaign to celebrate the Olympics and Paralympics. The campaign has reminded players that they are supporting Team GB and Paralympic GB athletes in Tokyo every time they buy a ticket, and has included a number of special draws.

Saturday’s jackpot will be significantly larger than you usually find on Lotto, as it uses money from the Reserve Fund that receives a portion of the prize money from every draw.

It will work in the same way as a normal Must Be Won draw, so you don’t need to do anything different to take part. Choose your numbers and pay for your entries, then wait to see the Lotto Results to find out how many numbers you have matched.

Rolldown or Record Win?

If you match all six main numbers, you’ll win or share the full £20 million jackpot. If nobody wins, there will be a rolldown and the top prize will end up being divided between everyone else who matches at least two numbers.

In a rolldown, there’s a fixed £5 prize for Match 2 winners, on top of the standard Lucky Dip. A set percentage of the prize fund is then allocated to each of the other prize tiers, so the exact payout depends on how many winners there are.

The last time a £20 million Must Be Won draw took place and nobody landed the jackpot, on 17th July, the Match 3 winners received £107 each instead of the regular £30 prize. The £140 prize for matching four numbers was increased to £294, while the Match 5 winners got £11,851 rather than the normal £1,750. One ticket holder matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball, banking an extra £387,899 on top of their £1 million payout.

Every single entry into the draw has an identical chance of winning, so make sure to take part before the cut-off time and you could pocket a bigger prize than normal. You can even boost your chances by joining a syndicate, which makes it easier to purchase multiple entries as you are splitting the cost with others.

You can team up with friends, family, work colleagues or neighbours, or even join an online syndicate to remove the hassle of managing others. Use the Lotto Checker after the draw to find out how many numbers you matched and how much you won.

Published: Tuesday 31st August 2021

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