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£20 Million Lotto Draw on 1st October Must Be Won

£20 Million Lotto Draw on 1st October Must Be Won

The Lotto draw on Saturday 1st October will see the jackpot increased to £20 million. Even better, the top prize is guaranteed to be won on the night.

It doesn’t matter if the jackpot is much lower in the preceding draw, or indeed even if it has just been won. The Reserve Fund will be used to bump it up to £20 million for the big event, making it the joint-largest jackpot to have been seen on Lotto all year.

The jackpot must be won, so there would be a rolldown if no tickets match all six main numbers. When this happens, every prize winner receives a better payout than would normally be the case.

In the last special draw of this kind, one lucky player banked the full £20 million jackpot, so the rest of the prizes remained their standard value.

If you match two numbers, for example, there is no guarantee that you will receive £5 on top of your usual Lucky Dip in a Must Be Won draw. This only happens if nobody wins the jackpot.

Go to the page on Must Be Won Draws to find out all about how these events work.

Could Lotto Change Under New Operator?

Lotto is the National Lottery’s original flagship game, having first been drawn in November 1994. It has undergone several changes over the past 28 years, and could be reviewed again when the new operator takes charge in February 2024.

Allwyn Entertainment UK was named as the Gambling Commission’s preferred applicant for the next licence back in March, only for current operators Camelot to challenge the decision.

Camelot, stewards of the National Lottery since it started, recently dropped their legal action, allowing Allwyn to now be officially awarded the operating contract.

The company’s plans for the future will be announced at a later date, but they have promised to ‘breathe fresh life’ into the National Lottery and it has been reported that they are intending to slash the cost of playing Lotto back to £1 per line.

Follow for all the news about Allwyn’s takeover as it grows nearer, and remember to take part in the upcoming Must Be Won draw for your chance to win up to £20 million.

Published: Tuesday 20th September 2022

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