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£15 Million Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on 2nd March

£15 Million Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on 2nd March
Updated: Thursday 1st February 2024

Today, Allwyn officially started operating the National Lottery and some big changes have been announced. Some of these include a larger sales team, new advertising strategies, and software upgrades for lottery terminals.

The new operator comes with fresh ideas meant to increase sales and grow their support towards retailers. It has been confirmed that Allwyn will add 55 new sales representatives and some new managers to their sales team. Moreover, the Lotto campaign will have a refreshed brand look which you will be able to see in stores starting today. Lottery retailers received a ‘Welcome to Allwyn’ pack which had the new Players’ Guide, as well as an updated version of the Retailer Organiser Folder. Last night, lottery terminals also underwent a series of software upgrades. 

On 2nd March 2024, a Must Be Won draw will be held, offering a £15 million jackpot. Usually, Must Be Won draws are held when the jackpot has rolled over five times in a row without a winner. But sometimes the National Lottery holds special draws like this one to mark significant dates, holidays, or big events. This time, the special occasion is the celebration of the new operator. 

With Must Be Won draws, the jackpot is guaranteed to be won, however there are two different scenarios. In case one or more participants manage to match all six winning numbers, they will equally share the £15 million grand prize. However, if no one wins the top prize, a rolldown will happen and each category will get a boosted amount. For example, in the lowest prize category where you only need to match two main numbers, instead of winning a Lucky Dip you also get £5 on top of the free ticket. 

Until the special Must Be Won draw will place on Saturday, 2nd March, you can still enter Lotto twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings for a chance to win great prizes. You can play Lotto online or by visiting an authorised retailer. After each draw, make sure you check the results as you could be one of the lucky winners.

Published: Thursday 1st February 2024

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