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How to Play EuroMillions

EuroMillions is drawn every Tuesday and Friday evening at around 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET). To play, choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from 1 to 12.

You can play online or in-store via authorised retailers in participating countries, but the general steps for how to play remain the same:

Tonight's US Powerball Jackpot
$34 Million
Time left to buy tickets:

To buy a ticket from a retailer, just fill out a play slip. Mark your chosen numbers or tick the Lucky Dip option, then select whether you want to enter the Tuesday draw, the Friday draw or both, and play up to four weeks in advance if you wish. Take your slip to the retailer and pay for your ticket.

You can play via retailers in all nine participating countries, but you have to claim EuroMillions prizes from the same nation where you bought your ticket. If you play in France and win, for example, you cannot claim your money in the UK.

Playing Online

Playing online has become increasingly popular as it offers a number of advantages over buying a ticket from a retailer. For example, once you purchase your entries online, they are then stored in your account and cannot be lost, stolen or damaged unlike paper tickets. Plus you will be notified if you win, so you don’t even need to check the results.

If you'd like to play online, visit the EuroMillions Online page to get started.

Direct Debits

Another advantage of entering online is that National Lottery players can enter their lines on a continuous basis to ensure they never miss a draw. To set up a Direct Debit, follow these steps:

The Direct Debit will take about four weeks to begin and you will then be entered automatically into your chosen draws. You will get a different Millionaire Maker entry for each draw.

You can make changes to your personal details, the numbers you want to use or the draws you wish to enter at any time by going to your account.

How to Win

There are 13 ways to win in the main draw, with larger prizes awarded for successfully matching more numbers. The overall odds of receiving any prize are 1 in 13.

Match Win*
5 numbers + 2 Lucky Stars Jackpot
€17 Million to €250 Million
5 numbers + 1 Lucky Star £257,898.83
5 numbers £25,850.23
4 numbers + 2 Lucky Stars £1,460.61
4 numbers + 1 Lucky Star £93.63
3 numbers + 2 Lucky Stars £50.96
4 numbers £31.39
2 numbers + 2 Lucky Stars £10.82
3 numbers + 1 Lucky Star £8.27
3 numbers £6.84
1 number + 2 Lucky Stars £5.36
2 numbers + 1 Lucky Star £4.21
2 numbers £2.70

*For Match 5 + 2, the range of available prize amounts is shown. For all other prize tiers, the average amount is shown. Averages have been calculated using data from draws since September 2016.

The chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160. Visit the EuroMillions Odds page to see your chances of winning in each different prize tier.

Millionaire Maker & HotPicks

UK ticket holders also have an additional chance to win £1 million thanks to the Millionaire Maker. Millionaire Maker is a supplementary game which is automatically included when you enter EuroMillions. You receive one code for every combination of EuroMillions numbers you play and it is all included in the cost of a ticket, so you do not need to do anything extra. A winning Millionaire Maker code is drawn alongside each main EuroMillions draw and if the code on your ticket matches the winning code exactly, you win. Special draws also take place from time to time which guarantee multiple winners.

EuroMillions HotPicks is a separate game, so it can be played on its own. Unlike Millionaire Maker, you need to opt in to play the game, which costs £1.50 per entry. HotPicks uses the five main numbers from the EuroMillions draw, and players can decide how many of the numbers they want to try and match. For example, you can choose to try and match just one number to win £10 or you can attempt to match all five for £1 million. The cost of entry is the same regardless of how many numbers you try and match. See the EuroMillions HotPicks page to learn more.

When Do Ticket Sales Close?

However you've chosen to take part in EuroMillions, you can find out the cutoff times for entering in the table below:

Day Retail Ticket Online Ticket Online Syndicate
Monday Dependent on individual retailer opening hours 11.00pm Available all day
Tuesday 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.45pm
Wednesday Dependent on individual retailer opening hours 11.00pm Available all day
Thursday Dependent on individual retailer opening hours 11.00pm Available all day
Friday 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.45pm
Saturday Dependent on individual retailer opening hours 11.00pm Available all day
Sunday Dependent on individual retailer opening hours 11.00pm Available all day
When ticket sales close at 7.30pm, they will reopen at 9pm the same evening for the next draw.

Claiming Prizes

You've entered a draw and have been lucky enough to win a prize, now what? The claims process will vary slightly depending on how you played.

If you are part of an online syndicate, you will be notified of any winnings. Prizes will then be paid into your online account, however for larger amounts you will have to contact the provider to arrange the collection of your winnings. For all other wins, visit the How to Claim a EuroMillions Prize page for details on what to do next.