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Saturday 24th March 2018
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How to Claim a EuroMillions Prize

Claiming your EuroMillions prize depends on how you have chosen to take part, with the procedure differing for those who play online and those who buy their tickets for an authorised retailer. Below you will find all the information you need in order to claim a prize:

Online Winners (Not Via Direct Debit)

Amount Won How to Claim
Up to £500 Prizes up to 500 are paid directly into your National Lottery account.
£501 - £30,000 This is paid to the debit card associated with your National Lottery account, but you need to confirm the payment should be made before it can be issued.
£30,001 - £50,000 Contact the National Lottery Customer Care team on 0333 234 44 33 and quote your ticket number. You will be paid either by cheque or directly into your bank account.
£50,001 and over Contact the National Lottery Customer Care team on 0333 234 44 33 and quote your ticket number. Once your claim has been verified, you must collect your prize in person. The National Lottery reserves the right to choose whether to issue your prize as a cheque or bank transfer.

Direct Debit and Pingit

For players who pay by Direct Debit, prizes of up to 50,000 are directly transferred into the bank or building society account associated with the payment. Pingit prizes are paid into your Pingit account. For sums worth more than 50,000, you must contact the Customer Care Team to arrange the receipt of your prize.

Tickets Bought in Person

Amount Won How to Claim
Up to £100 Take your ticket to any authorised retailer and have it scanned by a member of staff. Successful entries produce a 'win sound' and a receipt will be produced which will tell you the value of your prize.
£101 - £500 Some retailers can pay out prizes of up to 500 in cash at their discretion, but they are not obliged to do so. If a retailer cannot pay out your prize you can either return at an agreed time, go to another retailer or visit a designated National Lottery Post Office. However, if the retailer has already validated your ticket, you will have to return to the same establishment when they have the funds available.
£501 - £50,000 Visit a National Lottery Post Office or a prize payout centre and complete a claim form. Winnings will be paid by cheque, although Post Offices can issue up to 500 in cash out of any prize won.

Any prize of up to 50,000 can also be claimed by post. Players must write their name and address on the back of their ticket and complete a claim form for prizes over 5,000. The postal address is: The National Lottery, Accounts Department, PO Box 287, Watford, WD18 9TT.
£50,001 and over Contact the National Lottery directly by ringing 0333 234 50 50. Upon completing a claim form and presenting a valid form on identification, prizes can be received at an agreed location.

However you choose to play EuroMillions, UK ticket holders are reminded that any prize won must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date.

Methods of claiming non-cash prizes, such as those awarded on Mega Week draws, will be detailed in the specific rules created for the individual draw.

It is only possible to claim a EuroMillions prize in the country in which the ticket was purchased. Players who purchased a EuroMillions ticket whilst in a participating country other than the UK must return there to claim their money.