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Easter Lotto

This Easter weekend could be your most memorable yet thanks to the Easter Lotto, which will give you the chance to win a jackpot worth £13.3 million. This special draw is due to take place on 4th April 2021 (Easter Sunday) and it’s available to play exclusively online. Find out more about the Easter Lotto, including where to buy tickets and what prizes you can win.


You’ll be able to see the results from the Easter Lotto below as soon as the winning numbers have been confirmed – check back here after 7pm on 4th April 2021.

14 25 26 28 29 41 4

How to Play the Easter Lotto

The Easter Lotto is a draw game in which you must match six numbers from 50, plus one Joker Ball from 1 to 5. Tickets cost £1.50 each and can be purchased online. Follow the step-by-step guide to get your entries for this year’s Easter Lotto.

Your numbers will be stored in your online Lotto account after you’ve completed the purchase of your entries. You can sign in to your account at any time to view your numbers and you’ll also be able to see if you’ve won any prizes after the draw.

Don’t worry if you forget to check your numbers, though, as you’ll receive a notification if you win. You’ll be able to use your prize money to pay for entries to other games or withdraw the funds to your bank account.

Prizes and Odds

Play the Easter Lotto and you’ll have the chance to win a £13.3 million jackpot – you do that by matching your six numbers and your Joker Ball with the winning line. There are also three other prizes on offer, and you can win something for matching as few as three numbers. The table below shows all the prizes on offer in this year’s Easter Lotto.

Match Prize Odds of Winning
6 + Joker Ball £13.3 million 1 in 79,453,500
5 + Joker Ball £8,888 1 in 300,960
4 + Joker Ball £88 1 in 5,599
3 £4.50 1 in 75

All of these prizes except the jackpot will be paid into your online Lotto account automatically after the draw. You just need to log in and you will see the amount reflected in your account balance. If you’re lucky enough to hit the Easter Lotto jackpot, an agent will be in touch with you to arrange the prize payout.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Easter Lotto is straightforward to play, but if you have any questions about how the game works, take a look at the FAQs below to find the answers.

Is the Easter Lotto only open to UK players?
The Easter Lotto is open to players in many countries, not just those from the UK. Because the Lotto is run exclusively online, you won’t need to travel to claim any prizes – the money will be paid into your online Lotto account.

Can I buy Easter Lotto tickets from shops?
No, the Easter Lotto is available exclusively online.

Can I subscribe to future Easter Lotto draws?
The Easter Lotto is a special annual Lotto, so you can only purchase entries for the draw on 4th April 2021.

How long do I have to claim Easter Lotto prizes?
As it’s an online-only game, any prizes will be paid directly into your online Lotto account as soon as the win has been verified. You’ll then be able to use the prize money to buy entries for other games or you can withdraw the winnings to your bank account.

Will I pay any fees to receive the prize money?
Easter Lotto prizes are not taxed at the point of payout and there are no fees to pay, so if you win the jackpot you’ll be paid out the full £13.3 million prize.