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Thunderball History

Thunderball was originally drawn just once a week, but now offers four chances per week to win big. This is what has happened since the first draw in June 1999.

Previous Changes to Thunderball

Thunderball Timeline
12th Jun 1999

The first Thunderball draw took place.

23rd Oct 2002

Thunderball was drawn on a Wednesday for the first time, in addition to the usual Saturday draw.

Nov 2009

New Smartplay Halogen II draw machines were introduced for Thunderball.

12th May 2010
  • The number of balls was increased from 34 to 39.
  • The jackpot doubled from £250,000 to £500,000.
  • A new prize was created for matching just the Thunderball.
14th May2010

Thunderball introduced a Friday draw.

30th Jan2018

Thunderball began a weekly Tuesday draw.