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Saturday 20th January 2018
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Join a Syndicate

Playing in an online syndicate is a great option for anyone as it boosts your chances of winning a prize without having to spend lots of money on tickets. There is no need to convince friends or family to join forces and no effort is required on your part to manage a syndicate as the hard work is all done for you.

To join an online syndicate simply decide which game you want to play.

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How it Works

You will be entered into a syndicate on the game of your choice and then you just need to decide how many shares you wish to purchase. Just buying one share will get you a portion of any prize your group might win, but you may want to boost your percentage of any possible returns by picking up more shares.

The tickets will then be bought on your behalf by the lottery messenger service, who effectively acts as the syndicate manager. A copy of each ticket will be scanned and uploaded to your account as proof of purchase, and if your group has won a prize the winnings will be automatically paid out. You don't need to get in touch to claim your money; just check to see if you have been contacted to alert you about any winning tickets.

There are a number of different syndicates available for online players across different games. A random selection will generate numbers randomly for each of the lines played by the syndicate, while there are also systematic, guaranteed number match and additional number match guaranteed syndicates. These different systems can be used to cover a certain amount of possible combinations or ensure that a syndicate will match at least one number in a draw.

Whatever method you prefer, you'll enjoy better chances of winning something just by virtue of being in a syndicate. The cost of tickets is also divided between players and you can enter multiple lines without having to worry about the price.