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Postcode Lottery History

Players’ postcodes have been winning them cash since the People’s Postcode Lottery first piloted in August 2005. Take a look at what has happened since then to make it the game it is today.

Here is a timeline of the other key events and changes that have occurred in the history of the game:

Launch Date:
31st Aug 2005
Sept 2005

People's Postcode Lottery was piloted in the north of England, with Mary Burnip of Chester-le-Street winning the £25,000 top prize within the first week.

May 2007

The Dutch parent company launched the first Postcode Lottery Green Challenge to reward companies and services that help the environment with prizes ranging up to €500,000.

4th Jan 2008

The Scottish People's Postcode Lottery was drawn for the first time.

27th Nov 2008

KY13 8 in Kinross became the first postcode sector to win £1 million, with 89 players sharing the prize.

Jan 2009

The Scottish and English lotteries merged into one People's Postcode Lottery.

Jan 2010

Wales joins the People's Postcode Lottery.

15th Sep 2010

Celebrations occurred as it was announced that over £10 million had been raised for charities.

3rd Jul2015

The percentage of ticket sale funds donated to good causes increased from 25% to 27.5%.


The amount donated to good causes from ticket sales rose to 30%.


The Weekly Street Prize increased from £25,000 to £30,000. The draw process also changed, with one winner being selected on a Saturday and another winner being selected drawn on a Sunday.

8th January2018

The number of winning postcodes drawn in the Daily Draw increased from five to ten, doubling players' chances of winning £1,000 each day!

8th October2018

The number of £1,000 postcodes drawn each weekday rose again, going from ten up to twenty.


The price of a single Postcode Lottery ticket increased from £10 to £12.


The Postcode Lottery launches An Unforgettable Year, which awards winners £12,000 a month for 12 months and an experience to remember.