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Playing Overseas

You can still win great prizes on Lotto, Thunderball or EuroMillions wherever you are on the planet, just by choosing your numbers online. Playing overseas means you donít have to miss out on huge prizes when you go on holiday, set off on a business trip or move abroad to live.

Playing UK Lotteries Abroad

It is not possible to play games directly through the UK National Lottery if you are not located in the country. However, thanks to lottery betting services like Jackpot.com, you can pick your own numbers online or opt for a quick pick ahead of the next big EuroMillions jackpot draw, for example, and you will be automatically paid any winnings. The only difference is that you are placing a wager on the outcome of the draw rather than buying a ticket, but all the same prizes are still up for grabs:

Visit this page about Jackpot.com to find out more about one service which offers the chance to bet on lottery results, and how the process works. This also means that lottery fans from all over the world can enjoy UK games without having to hop on a plane and fly thousands of miles.

Playing International Lotteries from the UK

You can also enjoy other huge lotteries from around the world from the UK, simply by selecting your numbers online. Whether it is a US game such as Powerball or Mega Millions or Italyís SuperEnalotto, there are phenomenal jackpots to be won all through the week.

By trying to win prizes online, you not only have the security of knowing that your numbers are stored safely but also the convenience of being able to take part quickly and simply, without being restricted to lotteries hosted where you live.

Of course, if youíre abroad for a while and visiting a country there is nothing to stop you from buying tickets from a retailer for a local lottery, even if you are not a permanent resident. It is important to remember, though, that if you win a prize you will need to claim it in the country in which the purchase was made.Even for a multinational lottery like EuroMillions, if you bought a ticket in France or Spain, for example, you will need to contact officials in the same country if you win.

Playing in Advance and by Direct Debit

If you are based in the UK and heading off on holiday, but you still want to make sure your National Lottery tickets are purchased, then you can play for up to four weeks with every EuroMillions entry and eight weeks on each Lotto line purchased individually. You will also be able to play either lottery continuously if you pay by Direct Debit.